20 Uses For WD-40 Which Can Save The Day!

20 Uses For WD-40 Which Can Save The Day!

WD-40 has been used throughout the home to end that irritating noisy door or to undo an oxidized screw. We are about to uncover the multiple uses of this phenomenal liquid. Have the kids ever got bubble gum stuck in their hair? Do unwanted animals try to steal the bird food? WD-40 is the champion of multipurpose sprays with fresh uses constantly cropping up. Not even the inventors knew how handy WD-40 would become.

In 1953, Norm Larsen was attempting to design a solution that would allow for water displacement, and so the WD. It took Norm Larsen 40 attempts to create his solution. San Diego, California, where amazing things are produced, is home to WD-40.

You most likely don’t know what WD-40 is made of…is this is important? We know that its purposes are endless and it is a trustworthy product. That is what matters!

Whether you are a DIY fan or a housewife, WD-40 is your go to product for more than you think. You might own a can but now is the time to find out all its surprising advantages!

1. Polish Up The Silver With WD-40

1. Polish Up The Silver With WD-40PIEDMONTFASTENERS

Does your neighbors silver shine brighter than the sun? If so they have probably used WD-40. Give your sliver a spray and wipe with a cloth in circular motions. You will be amazed at the difference, even if you haven’t polished your silver in some time.

2. Separate Stuck Glasses

2. Separate Stuck GlassesKUFFER

I recently had some friends over for dinner and decided to get out the nice glasses. However they had been stored away for a while and I couldn’t separate them. I laughed when a friend suggested WD-40 but we were quiet when they slide apart without any accidents.

3. Zips Without Force

3. Zips Without ForcePINIMG

Ever had to slip out of a piece of clothing because you can’t undo the zip, and you just know it happens when you are in a rush! Or maybe you can’t do up your backpack. A very small squirt of WD-40 will loosen the zip right up.

4. Dazzling Shoes

4. Dazzling ShoesPINIMG

I had never bought a pair of white shoes before. As with most things white, you know they won’t stay that way for much time. I learnt this trick after buying a pair of shoes I couldn’t resist. One spray and a slight rub will leave your shoes as good as new.

5. Vanishing Tar Stains

5. Vanishing Tar StainsCLOUDFRONT

Up to now we have mentioned everyday cleaning tips. Here we get down to the real king of stains- tar. Tar has a habit of really ruining the finishing touch of a car but there is no need to stress. Tar is another reason to get out your WD-40!

6. Defrosting Ice

6. Defrosting IceQUIRKCARS

It’s a freezing winter morning and as per usual you are in a rush to get out of the door only to arrive to a frozen car. You turn on the heating full blast but you still have to stand there scrapping while your hands become as frozen as the car. There is no need to live through this- just spray your WD-40!

7. Sticky Scissors


You may not be able to see any rust but the smooth action of your scissors has disappeared. Cutting a piece of paper is like chopping down a tree. Use a small amount of WD-40 on the screw will allow you to cut with ease again.

8. Keep pests away from Bird Feeders

8. Keep pests away from Bird FeedersKIPRED

It’s a shame to see squirrels scaring off the birds while you are enjoying a moment of relaxation watching the different breeds visit your garden. Squirrels have been known as flying rats and there is no place for them in my garden. Spraying the base of your feeder will make it slippery and squirrels won’t be able to balance.

9. Swollen Fingers And Rings!

9. Swollen Fingers And Rings!PINIMG

While rings represent something permanent in our lives, it doesn’t mean they have to be permanent! Even the butter or washing up liquid require a bit of elbow grease. WD-40 will enable your ring to practically slide off.

10. Stood In Gum Again?

10. Stood In Gum Again?BIGSTOCKIMAGES

Gum of all kinds in a general pet hate of mine, people chewing with mouths open then spitting it onto the ground rather than putting it into a bi where it belongs. If you are on the receiving end of this, a small squirt will get rid of the gum without getting your fingers involved!

11. The Troubling Lipstick Stains!

11. The Troubling Lipstick Stains!PINIMG

You are about to do the washing and for whatever reason there is a great lipstick stain (lasts for 24 hours unless you are wearing a white shirt!!). You will only need a light spray of WD-40, don’t over do it and the lipstick will vanish.

12. The Kids Have Been Decorating

12. The Kids Have Been DecoratingPINIMG

It’s heart breaking to see your child’s hard work all over your walls, knowing you are going to have to clean it off. While your little Picassos have colored your walls with crayons you can relax because a touch of WD-40 will leave you walls good as new without stains or streaks.

13. Revamping Wood

13. Revamping WoodMM

You lovely wooden dining room table has been stained with coffee mug rings, bits of food or drink and general daily wear and tear. You know what I am about to say, one spray of WD-40 and it will be as good as new.

14. Oxidized Locks


There is no point in having a lock unless you can open it! Not to worry, our faithful WD-40 can save the day again. Spray some into the key slot but also around the top parts to help loosen it up.

15. Removing Stickers

15. Removing StickersCOFFEEBREAKING

Bumper stickers are a great way to get your message across, but what happens when that message changes. Can’t sell your car because Mickey Mouse is on your bumper? Or maybe you have bought a car and the previous owner was also unaware of this trick. WD-40 will allow that sticker to peel straight off.

16. Shower Head Pores

16. Shower Head PoresPINIMG

You are enjoying a lovely hot shower, you look up and notice that not some of the pores are blocked and the water isn’t coming through. This is a problem most people will have at some point but for the life of you, you can’t work out what to open them up with. WD-40 will clean out the pores and prevent them from blocking up again.

17. Air Conditioner With Cleaner Air

17. Air Conditioner With Cleaner AirINVIDIO

This will only be relevant if you haven’t had the air conditioning unit installed yet. The AC unit is a magnet for dust and something we don’t always get round to cleaning. A light coat of WD-40 will help fend off the build up of dust in the vents, giving you cleaner air.

18. Toilet Cleaning – The Necessary Evil

18. Toilet Cleaning - The Necessary EvilPINIMG

Nobody is going to put their hand up and say, “Yes, I love cleaning toilets”! But it is one of those jobs that must be done and on a regular bases. WD-40 will clean your toilet and it will also help your toilet to stay cleaner for longer! Magic!

19. Eliminating Water Stains

19. Eliminating Water StainsPINIMG

Am I the only one who wonders how water can leave such horrible stains? You have tried all these products from the TV and no results! No more scrubbing tiles and mirrors, spray and wipe with WD-40.

20. Fridge Gasket Maintenance

20. Fridge Gasket MaintenanceSHOPIFY

First of all, let’s clear up one thing…a gasket?? A gasket is the rubber that runs around the inside or your fridge/freezer door. It is the place where all your food gets stuck and there is no way a cloth is getting in there. Attach the nozzle that comes with your WD-40 can and you can spray in the smallest of spaces.