30 Random Facts About The USA

30 Random Facts About The USA

America! You can love it. You can hate it. The one thing you cannot do is ignore it. This country is labeled as the land of opportunity. But nothing in this life is perfect. In this gallery we will examine not just the good but also the bad.

1. USA Territory


The USA covers approximately 3,805,927 square miles (9,833,520 square kilometers). This is the land area of Spain multiplied by 19.4. Only Russia and Canada have more land than the USA.

2. Public Libraries

2. Public LibrariesNYBOOKS

There are fewer public libraries in the United States than there are Starbucks. The number of public libraries is 9,082, while the number of Starbucks is 13,172 as of 2016.

3. Louisiana


The state of Louisiana was named after the French King, Louis XIV. It was actually under the control of France from 1682 to 1762 and it occupied much larger territory than the modern Louisiana.

4. Native Americans

4. Native AmericansDISCLOSE

Native American Indians were not admitted as citizens of the USA until 1924. The Indian Citizenship Act was accepted partially because thousands of Indians served in the U.S. Army during the World War I.

5. Coca Cola

5. Coca ColaDEP365

Coca Cola was invented in May 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia by a pharmacist Dr. J. S. Pemberton. The brand that was made from a scratch over 130 years ago has a value of $78 billion in 2017.

6. Norway


There are more people of Norwegian descent living in the USA than in Norway itself.

7. D.C.’s Record On Slavery

7. D.C.’s Record On SlaveryTEMPLE

Washington D.C. became the first American slave state to free its slaves on 16 April 1862. Only in 3.5 years the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution abolished slavery throughout the whole country.

8. Something We All Use

8. Something We All UseGANNETT-CDN

Toilet paper was invented in New York City in 1857 by Joseph Gayetty. In 2016, Statista calculated that 98.98% of Americans use toilet paper.

9. Those Lights On The Road

9. Those Lights On The RoadFS

The world’s first electric traffic lights were installed in Cleveland, Ohio on 5 August 1914.

10. USA’s Capital Cities

10. USA’s Capital CitiesEVERGREENE

The first capital of the United States was the city of Philadelphia and there were 7 other capitals in the USA from 1776 to 1790, when creation of a new capital district Washington D.C. was approved.

11. USA is Growing Fast

11. USA is Growing FastPEWRESEARCH

In 2017, the population of the USA increases by one person every 12 seconds.

12. Thanksgiving Trivia

12. Thanksgiving TriviaINDEPENDENT

Contrary to popular belief, the Pilgrim Fathers didn’t eat turkey and popcorn as part of their first Thanksgiving dinner.

13. Quite A Physical Specimen

13. Quite A Physical SpecimenTALLSOME

The tallest man ever was Robert Pershing Wadlow (1918-1940). He was 8 feet 11.1 inches (2.72 meters) tall and he was also known as the Giant of Illinois, the American state where he lived most of his life.

14. And They Say Bees Are Essential

14. And They Say Bees Are EssentialNATURE

Hamsters and hummingbirds are absolutely prohibited in Hawaii, USA because of the potential ecological damage they could cause.

15. Those Pesky Tornadoes

15. Those Pesky TornadoesWIKIMEDIA

In summer of 2008, Kansas State University’s wind research lab was destroyed by a tornado.

16. Boeing Planes


Boeing’s factory in Washington is over 472 million cubic feet (13.3 cubic meters) making it the world’s largest building by volume. It is almost large enough to fit it the smallest country on the planet, the Vatican City.

17. USA And Its Pollution Problem

17. USA And Its Pollution ProblemNATIONALGEOGRAPHIC

The Cuyahoga River in Ohio was so polluted at the middle of the 20th century that it caught fire several times. Today, the river is safe and is used for recreation.

18. 3D Was Around In The 20th Century

18. 3D Was Around In The 20th CenturyCLOUDFRONT

In 1915, the world’s first 3D movie was shown in the Astor Theatre in New York.

19. World’s Tallest Volcano

19. World’s Tallest VolcanoMOS

The world’s tallest dormant volcano is Mauna Kea in Hawaii which is 13,795 feet (4,205 meters) tall. Its last eruption took place roughly 3,500 years ago.

20. USA Has A Huge Population

20. USA Has A Huge PopulationADSFORCARTS

One out of eight U.S. citizens lives in California and every twelfth lives in Texas. Florida is the third most populous state.

21. North Dakota’s Cities

21. North Dakota’s CitiesNDSU

Every town in North Dakota is classed as a city, no matter how small. The city of Ruso only has 4 people.

22. Harry Truman Was A Fancy Guy

22. Harry Truman Was A Fancy GuyGANNETT-CDN

The U.S. President Harry S. Truman did not actually have a middle name. His parents gave him just the initial ‘S’ when they could not agree on a name.

23. Maybe Those Federal Reserve Conspiracy Theories Are Real

23. Maybe Those Federal Reserve Conspiracy Theories Are RealNBCNEWYORK

In the 19th-20th centuries the U.S. mint produced coins for 43 countries including Siam, French Indochina, Belgian Congo, and Netherlands East India that cannot be found on the modern map.

24. Tourism Is Booming

24. Tourism Is BoomingAMAZONAWS

The tourist industry of the United States is the second largest in the world by the amount of international tourist arrivals in 2016. Only France is in front of the USA (82.6 million vs. 75.6 million arrivals).

25. Interracial Marriage In The USA

25. Interracial Marriage In The USAPINIMG

In the USA, interracial marriage was banned in 1776 and not permitted until 1967.

26. The Computer

26. The ComputerUPENN

The world’s first electronic computer was the ENIAC. It was constructed in Pennsylvania in 1946. The press called it “Giant brain” because it was calculating 2,400 faster than a human being.

27. USA Spends A Lot Of Money On Defense

27. USA Spends A Lot Of Money On DefenseRT

The USA Navy has 11 aircraft carriers while the rest of the world combined has only 8.

28. Is USA Still #1?

28. Is USA Still #1?FOOLCDN

The USA used to be the world’s largest economy for many consecutive years. However, since 2015 China’s economy is larger than that of the USA.

29. Reparations For The Native Americans

29. Reparations For The Native AmericansFORBES

In 2015, the U.S. government agreed to make a $1 billion payment to 645 Native American tribes for taking their land and resources hundreds of years ago.

30. The Prison System

30. The Prison SystemKINJA-IMG

One quarter of the world’s prison population is held in prisons in the USA.

31. No Official Language

31. No Official LanguagePINIMG

The USA has no official language at the federal level, however the majority speaks English. At the same time, the number of Spanish speakers has quadrupled in the USA since 1980.

32. Fat Fat Fatties

32. Fat Fat FattiesREUTERSMEDIA

Over 1/3 of Americans are considered to be obese and obesity kills over 120,000 Americans a year.

33. The First English Settlement

33. The First English SettlementNATIONALGEOGRAPHIC

The first child to be born in the colony on the territory of the modern USA was Virginia Dare. She was born in 1587. Nothing else is known about Virginia’s fate as the settlement disappeared very soon and it is known in the history as the “Lost colony”.

34. A Lot Of Cars Not A Lot Of People

34. A Lot Of Cars Not A Lot Of PeopleYTIMG

The number of cars in many of the U.S. cities is greater than the number of their inhabitants. One of the most car-dependent cities is San Jose, California, where only 5.8% of households do not have a car.

35. Pepsi Was Rebranded

35. Pepsi Was RebrandedXX

The drink Pepsi was invented in 1898 in New Bern, North Carolina. By the way, in Argentina that famous drink is sold as Pecsi.