The 50 Year Old Christmas Present That Was Never Opened, Until Now!

The 50 Year Old Christmas Present That Was Never Opened, Until Now!

Some couples fall in love in high school and stay together forever, some might last a decade or so before facing divorce and for others our high school romance was just a practice for the real thing. However serious, it is quite common to save trinkets from a relationship, particularly those first relationships!

Adrian Pearce and Vicki Allen were dating in high school. It was all whirlwinds and butterflies in the beginning but it was not to last. What did last was the Christmas present Vicki gave Adrian just before they split up. Adrian must not have been feeling the Christmas spirit because he chose not to open it. For nearly 50 years this gift lay wrapped up, without even peeling back a corner to take a peek.

Adrian finally made the decision to open it and here is what happened!

1. Young Love

1. Young LoveIMGUR

It was the 70s, Adrian Pearce was at George S. Secondary School in Toronto, Ontario when he met Vicki Allen who was two years below him. Soon they began dating, neither one knowing what lay ahead of them. Perhaps it was their youth or just that Honeymoon period, but what seemed like a good thing was soon to hit problems.

2. The Spirit Of Christmas

2. The Spirit Of ChristmasFACEBOOK

Both the teenagers were getting ready for Christmas in 1971, Adrian happier than ever, thinking of a future with Vicki. Just before the holidays began, Vicki decided it was time to move on, leaving Adrian devastated. His holiday plans went down the drain, along with his relationship.

3. Something To Remember Me By

3. Something To Remember Me ByFACEBOOK

Vicki had already bought Adrian his Christmas gift before ending the relationship but still wanted him to have it. Perhaps this small present could have given Adrian some answers as to what went wrong. He decided not to open it but strangely decided to keep it.

4. Adrian’s Crushed Heart

4. Adrian’s Crushed HeartSHOPIFY

A normal reaction for any dumped teenager, Adrian was furious. He was single and he didn’t know why. Instead of opening their presents together, he was left wondering. For some unknown reason, Adrian still put the present under the tree but pledged never to open it. Vicki’s present was left untouched.

5. Time Heals All

5. Time Heals AllFACEBOOK

As time went on, Adrian’s heart began to heal but this didn’t encourage him to open the gift. The following year the gift was placed back under the tree. Now, more like a decoration, Adrian appeared to have a new tradition- the unopened gift! He was still determined never to open the present but someone was about to take matters into their own hands.

6. Adrian’s True Love

6. Adrian’s True LoveFACEBOOK

As expected, Adrian grew up, fell in love with the perfect woman and got married. He and Janet had a few children and they made their own Christmas traditions. But the little blue gift came out each year. Adrian didn’t even succumb to his children’s nagging. Finally, the wife said enough!

7. 40 Years Of Patience

7. 40 Years Of PatienceFACEBOOK

Now, Janet was far from jealous. It had been over 40 years since Adrian’s relationship with Vicki. It was just getting boring watching Adrian go through his ritual with an object from so long ago. She didn’t want the gift under the tree but Adrian continued to take a moment each year to look at it.

8. Keeping A Memory Safe

8. Keeping A Memory SafeFACEBOOK

After so many years, the little blue packet had become less of a gift and more of a keepsake. Not many could comprehend his behavior so on December 23rd, 2017 Adrian decided to tell his story on social media. The story drove people crazy wondering what was inside and what had happened to Vicki!

9. Facebook Spreading The Word

9. Facebook Spreading The WordFACEBOOK

Apparently Vicki had left Adrian for an older fellow named Wolf. The mystery was too much for some and the hunt began for the woman who had crushed the heart of a poor teenager. Adrian, reading all the comments, thought that it was time to find Vicki, but this wasn’t going to be easy.

10. Every Vicki Wanting Her 5 Minutes Of Fame

10. Every Vicki Wanting Her 5 Minutes Of FameFACEBOOK

The story became so popular that it made it to the headlines. Various women claimed to be Vicki. Three of those contacted Adrian but he was not going to be fooled. He asked a couple of questions that only the true Vicki would be able to answer. Needless to say they couldn’t, so Adrian continued on his quest.

11. Digging Up The Past

11. Digging Up The PastFACEBOOK

Adrian went back over his old diaries from when he was a student at Humber College. He found one entry where he had bumped into Vicki’s sister, Stephanie. Back in 1977 Stephanie had provided various numbers for Vicki but none of those had lead to her. Amazingly, this diary entry might still lead to answers.

12. Signs Of A Dead End!

12. Signs Of A Dead End!FACEBOOK

The three numbers were for Vicki’s home, Vicki’s work and her parents’ home. Unsurprisingly she had changed her home and work and her parents couldn’t be found. There was just one Vicki Allen in Toronto, a 91-year-old woman! It was quite possible that Vicki had moved from Toronto so he felt like it was back to square one.

13. You Have Mutual Friends!

13. You Have Mutual Friends!FACEBOOK

A friend of Adrian’s from high school was a mutual friend of Vicki’s on Facebook. This looked like a step in the right direction. Thanks to this friend sending Vicki a related article, Adrian and Vicki finally got in touch. Adrian and Janet started their trip to British Colombia to see her.

14. Ending The Suspense

14. Ending The SuspenseFACEBOOK

Vicki was obviously surprised that the present was still wrapped. There was going to be a sponsored benefit on live TV for a Christmas charity and this would be perfect for the two to open the gift.

15. So What Had Happened!

15. So What Had Happened!FACEBOOK

Vicki confessed that she had forgotten what she had bought but it was actually while she was out shopping for the gift when she met Wolf! One thing led to another and she knew she would have to tell Adrian before someone else did.

16. Guilty Conscience

16. Guilty ConscienceFACEBOOK

Vicki had to break up with Adrian because she was feeling so guilty about what had happened. However, what everyone wanted to know right now was what was inside the blue paper. Finally it was going to be revealed.

17. On The Count Of Three…

17. On The Count Of Three...FACEBOOK

There was no way the two could hide their feelings when the paper eventually came off. While Adrian was amused, Vicki seemed quite embarrassed. Inside was a book called “Love Is: New Ways To Spot That Certain Feeling”, Kim Groves set of comic stripes about a real life marriage. But there was more!

18. 15-Year-Old Ignorance

18. 15-Year-Old IgnoranceFACEBOOK

Vicki realized that the gift may not have been sensitive to Adrian’s feelings but at the time it may have been appropriate…before she went off kissing someone else! Luckily when she checked, there was no personal note inside. This probably wasn’t the ending people had predicted.

19. What Did They Think It Was?

19. What Did They Think It Was?LADBIBLE

Janet had predicted an Archie comic from the 70’s, Adrian thought it was a wallet, Vicki said she should have guessed it was a book because she was always in book shops! Adrian new it wasn’t going to be an expensive gift based on Vicki’s $1.25 per hour wage! Still, perhaps the viral story is worth more than the gift itself.

20. Differences Of Opinion

20. Differences Of OpinionFACEBOOK

Vicki never really felt the same way as Adrian, seeing there relationship as less serious and she definitely didn’t realize how much it had affected Adrian! Adrian had no hard feelings about the past and said that he had plans for the gift…and so the mystery lives on!