Top 5 Tea Places in NYC

New York City is one of our country’s food capitals. People travel from all over the world to enjoy what the city has to offer. Ready to try the best tea around? Make the most of your visit by checking out our favorite tea places! NYC will always be a haven for unbelievably delicious goods, but we’ve made things a little simpler: here are the top tea places you’ll find in NYC.

BAO Tea House

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Bao is one of our top tea places to visit due to its delicious offerings. And while BAO Tea House is most certainly a tea place, there’s far more wonderful things in store. You must try their bao, which are delicious and delicate filled buns. Pair your Impossible Bao with a comforting tea and you’re set. Wondering what Impossible Bao is? They’re entirely vegan buns, but you wouldn’t believe it! The prices here are exceptionally reasonable, as well. There are many reasons to love this place, putting it at the top of our list for top tea places in NYC.

Ippodo Tea


You’ll find one of our favorite tea places across from the The Morgan Library & Museum. Ippodo Tea serves lunch and dessert along with their teas. Quality and coziness are what you can expect at this darling tea place. Love matcha tea? Theirs is exceptional! Pop in for a quick sip or have a seat and enjoy yourself with lunch. Their tea can only be described as life-changing! You absolutely need to give this place a try.

Le Tea

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Do you love amazing tea and minimalist aesthetics? Le Tea is serving up goodies like Starry Passion tea and treats like the Rainbow Crepe. Le Tea is also known for their beautiful Golden Straw! Bring the Golden Straw in and get a free drink after a set number of purchases. Looking for a completely Instagram-worthy place to try? Snag pictures of their gorgeous presentations. Enjoy the deliciousness that is Le Tea, located right on Broadway. Plus, they also have boba!

Grace Street


Located in the heart of Koreatown, you’ll find one of our top favorite tea places! Imagine enjoying an incredible rose petal milk tea along with a matcha beignet. This place also has a not so secret addition, such as incredibly light and flavorful shaved ice. No matter the season, this tea place has excellent offerings you’ll crave all year round.

Den Social Cafe


This tea place has a sweet location and sweet tea options! Visit the Morgan Library & Museum and make your way down 36th to try irresistible tea and goods. You’ll be treated to New York’s finest because they locally source their ingredients. Super trendy yet authentic? Where else will you find such a pairing? Perhaps with their rich teas and wonderful baked goods. This tea place has lots of things in store (Cocktail lounge, anyone?) so keep your eye on this one!

New York City has a plethora of options for tea! We’ve compiled our top tea places of NYC! And there are many teas to try, especially as the weather cools down. Which tea place are you going to check out first?