Top 5 Soda Commercials Of 2019

Top 5 Soda Commercials Of 2019
What makes a soda commercial one of the best soda commercials? We’ve compiled our list of the top 5 of 2019. You’re going to laugh, you are going to sympathize, and you are going to be inspired. There’s no doubting that previous years¬†have seen interesting and poorly executed soda commercials, but 2019 has been a great year for ultimate creativity.

A Coke is a Coke (Super Bowl 2019)

There are the best soda commercials and then there’s the worst. After the fall of Pepsi’s marketing failure, starring Kendall Jenner, Coke decided to take a similar approach but with more grace and awareness. Without being tone deaf in the least bit, this commercial exudes inclusivity and understanding through beautiful artistry. There is emphasis on differences in the people who drink Coke. This is exemplified in the various voices one hears throughout the entirety of the commercial. There is also acknowledgment of the disagreements that are being faced right now by saying, “He drinks Coke and she drinks Coke even though they disagree.” In this way, the commercial is socially aware without exploiting tension and hardships. The commercial lists the different types of people who drink Coke, attempting to cover as many bases as possible without failing the attempt. The artwork uses Coke’s color scheme of red throughout.

What makes this one of the best soda commercials is the line near the end of the commercial, “Different is beautiful.” While this line might touch the heart, there is a final line that Coke employs to truly get their views and message across. “Together is beautiful, too” is spoken over the drawn characters standing in the formation of the word “Together.” The commercial ends with the words “Coca-Cola — Together is beautiful.” What do you think about the message that Coke is sharing?

Pepsi Super Bowl 2019

We are all familiar with the restaurant plight: you order one type of soft drink and they offer you an alternative. It’s no doubt that there are similarities in some of our favorite beverages, but to many of us, they’re hardly interchangeable. Pepsi makes one of the best soda commercials of 2019 by joking about this very common exchange and changing the way we think about being asked this popular question.

A woman orders a Coke and is asked by her waiter if a Pepsi is okay. In the real world, one might immediately say yes, but in the world where Steve Carrel is dining right behind you, asking if Pepsi is okay is a no-brainer. Carrel goes on a monologue asking if a list of wonderful things are okay, where he then coaches his new protege, the waiter, about it. And as if one likable and familiar face wasn’t enough, Carrel is joined by popular rappers Cardi B and Lil Jon with the song “I Like It” making a brief appearance.

What easily makes this one of the best soda commercials is that Pepsi took a common occurrence and worked it in their favor. We’ve all been asked at least once whether we would be okay with our preferred drink’s alternative. Hilarity ensues when our favorite faces make an appearance. Furthermore, this minute-long commercial leaves us in a time warp; so many things go on within it, making it seem like an incredibly fast but long visual.

Fansville: Season 2 by Dr. Pepper

Another one of the best soda commercials of the year is this hilarious commercial by Dr. Pepper. In the form of a trailer for a series, this commercial tackles the drama of families and sports-rivalry. This commercial is most definitely a parody, but the actors do well to make it seem as if this were a real drama being advertised. We are introduced to many stories that revolve around infidelity (of the sport kind), grills, and health-related issues. The drink, of course, is shown repeatedly throughout the commercial.

What makes this one of the best soda commercials is the creativity that went behind it. All commercials need a story, but Dr. Pepper constructed multiple stories to fit into one. That takes a lot of work, especially when it all flows together beautifully. One can sympathize with the drama taking place while also laughing at the relatability that is college football rivalry. Dr. Pepper says they’re the official drink of fans, which is a unique approach to the college football season. However, there may be some debate outside of the commercial of which is one’s favorite. Furthermore, there’s no denying that Dr. Pepper made an enjoyable commercial.

Thirst for Yours by Sprite

The Coca-Cola commercial we listed above said that it was okay to be thirsty, and okay if you’re not. This commercial, one that we deem as one of the best soda commercials of 2019, has a similar message. However, they make it entirely unique.

We are taken through a series of people who are being commented on for their work. All of the comments that they receive are generally positive. However, they can be interpreted otherwise depending on how one sees the inflection. What truly makes this one of the best commercials is the way the characters respond to these comments. The character is taken through a sequence of their dreams. The character who is spoken of to be “fancy” doesn’t only want to be the best designer. Why? This character wants to be the best designer universally. The rapper wants to be generation-defining. We see not only their dreams at the surface-level, but taken to extraordinary levels.

This best soda commercial is deemed as such because of its inspiring message. Sprite doesn’t want you to take your dreams to the basic level of a dream. If you’re going to do something, do it to an extraordinary event. Wonderful food-for-thought– or should we say drink-for-thought?

Let’s Do by Mountain Dew

Did you think that you were going to be this inspired? Last, but so obviously not least, in our list of the best soda commercials for 2019 is this Mountain Dew commercial about getting things done. Mountain Dew makes use of their “dew” homonym by making the focus of this commercial “Let’s do.”

At the beginning, we see an athlete who seems a little uncertain. We watch her struggle internally, before we are taken through a sequence of people who are leading seemingly normal lives before entering the world of “do,” where incredible things happen. For instance, we witness a male and female watching a video featuring Migos. In the video, they’re told by the group to not just watch, but do, to where they are seen participating with the group on gold tricycles. There is also the message within it to not only do it, but to do it big. What’s also unique is that it featured a song that was unreleased at the time.

The message is what makes this commercial one of the best soda commercials. The final one is, “There are those who don’t, and those who do.” This commercial is inspiring and motivational. It spreads the resounding message that you need to get up and do something, do it over and over, and do it big.

Which of these commercials do you think was the best soda commercial? There are many elements that go into deciding, including the content, the message, and the execution. Did you laugh, sympathize, or become totally motivated? These soda commercials definitely deserve to be deemed the best soda commercials of 2019.

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