Top 5 Soda Brands Of 2019
Think you know the top soda brands of 2019? You might even be surprised to see who made the list! Here is our compilation of the top soda brands of 2019. There are many factors that play into what makes a soda brand the top. And while there are many beverages that own a large share of the drinking world, some soda brands easily take the cake. Below, you’ll learn which are the top soda brands of 2019. Some of these brands are not so surprising. However, you might even disagree on who should hold the top spot! Due to the many factors that make a top soda brand a top soda brand, you’ll have a plethora of fun facts to share the next time you have a bubbly drink with a friend.

5. Fanta

5 FantaShopify

Don’t you want-a, want-a? Do you remember the iconic commercials of this delicious brand?  You might be surprised by the history of this yummy soda. Coca-Cola was greatly affected when there was a trade embargo in Germany decades ago. Fanta was created as a substitute for the huge brand. Could you imagine not having the ability to enjoy the fruity goodness of this top soda brand? Fanta has many flavors, including orange, strawberry, and pineapple. Similar to other top brands on this list, Fanta also has competition with other top soda brands for their fruity drinks. Would you consider doing a taste test between these competitors? Which fruit soda of theirs is your favorite?

4. Sprite

4 SpriteRetailDetail

This delicious lemon-limey drink actually comes from another top soda brand on this list. If you’re trying to think of who, just wait until you reach number one! This fizzy, barely-tinted drink has a refreshing taste. It emulates the deliciousness of lemonade, and this is done with just the right amount of sparkle. Similarly, this yummy top soda brand is available in just under 200 countries, at 190. Have you ever had a taste test between Sprite, Squirt, and 7-Up before? The drinks might taste oddly similar! Sprite is actually an addition to a top soda brand in response to the growing popularity of 7-Up just over a half century ago. What’s your preference?

3. Red Bull

3 Red BullPixabay

Got wings? Red Bull is the third top soda brand of 2019. Red Bull is known for being a fizzy energy drink with elements within it to boost your energy; this includes caffeine and the amino acid taurine. When drinkers are physically active, the taurine works within the body to give energy. Red Bull is very popular among athletes, though it is loved by all for its energy-boosting qualities and taste. Can you guess how many cans are sold annually? How about just over 6 and a half billion cans a year? If that sounds like a lot, it really is! Red Bull holds 40% of the energy drink market. This is one beloved soda brand!

2. PepsiCo

2 PepsiCoPixabay

The battle between Coca-Cola and PepsiCo is real, and as a result, you might not be surprised at all to see this brand take one of the top spots in 2019. PepsiCo has a wide range of soda options, which means that this top soda brand has a little of something for everyone. Looking for a drink lower on the calorie side? You’ve got your drink right here. PepsiCo might immediately remind you of the metallic blue cans. However, you might be surprised to learn that your favorite root beers and fruit sodas are from PepsiCo. Is it any surprise that this top soda brand holds its place in second? Do you prefer Pepsi over Coke? Pepsi has seen a 1% decline not too long ago; however, this is due to Coke being the chosen soda brand for certain restaurants.

1. Coca-Cola

1 Coca ColaPixabay

There is no surprise here! Who would take the top spot if not Coca-Cola? If you’re planning a visit to Las Vegas, you need to visit the Coca-Cola store. With multiple levels of goodies filling the famous and popular brand’s store, you’ll find a cafeteria-style drink area on the top floor where you can order soda from all over the world! Have you ever wondered what the most popular flavor of Coca-Cola in Italy is? You’ll find out at this bright location. Coca-Cola is popular in 200 countries around the world. This company easily takes its place as a top soda brand of 2019. When you get a chance to visit the store, be sure to try their delicious and fun soda flight. This a wonderful way to learn which coca-cola is most popular in various countries.

Did you guess the top soda brands of 2019 or were your guesses a little fizzy? Have you considered which brands you’re not surprise to see on this list?  What’s your favorite soda brand?