Top 5 Most Expensive Juice Brands

Top 5 Most Expensive Juice Brands
Orange juice is delicious and apple juice is perfect all year round, but have you considered what the most expensive juices might be? If you’re looking for top tier juices and cleanses, check out our list of the most expensive juices you can buy!

5. Organic Avenue – 16 oz is $14

5 Organic Avenue 16 oz is $14SeriousEats

Organic Juice is listed as one of the most expensive juice available because it is easily accessible in certain markets and shops. After they closed their doors in 2014, the owner decided to bring this juice company back. If you were interested in getting your hands on these pre-bottled drinks, you might not be so shell-shocked by the price! The bottled juice is not exaggeratedly more expensive than other expensive juices. However, if you go in store for a juice made on the spot, you could spend up to $14! But you might be more than willing to spend that amount for nutrients and vitality.

4.  Juice Generation Cooler Cleanse – $174 Per Juice Cleanse

4 Juice Generation Cooler Cleanse $174 Per Juice CleanseJuiceGeneration

For the price of $174 for a juice cleanse, Juice Generation’s juice is easily one of the most expensive fruit juices. Following celebrity fads is easy with this juice cleanse which Salma Hayek partook in creating. Thinking about buying these juices and saving them for later? You’d be disappointed! These juices aren’t treated to hold their shelf life and only last three days.

3. Blueprint – $195 Per Juice Cleanse

3 Blueprint $195 Per Juice CleanseBluePrint

Next on our list of the top most expensive fruit juices, you’ll find Blueprint. Transparency is imperative for this company. Do you ever wonder exactly what goes into what you consume? Blueprint has all the ingredients posted boldly on their juice bottles. If you’re new to the juice scene and aren’t sure what to start with, try the orange grapefruit lemon juice. Absolutely delicious, making this expensive juice more palatable!

2. Juice Press – up to $201 Per Juice Cleanse

2 Juice Press Up To $201 Per Juice CleanseYouTube

Want to look as youthful for as long as possible like your favorite celebrities? Juice Press has an expensive price tag for fruit juice, but they definitely know how to keep things fun! Beloved by healthy-living advocates such as Kate Hudson, you can find these juices online with the ability to ship anywhere in the United States. Make fruit juice a part of your life with this type of accessibility!

1. Urban Remedy – $225 Per Juice Cleanse

1 Urban Remedy $225 Per CleanseBlogSpot

If you are going to take juice seriously, why not dish out some serious cash? With 6 numbered juices, you are bound to find something you enjoy in this mix. These juices are colorful in clean and easy to read bottles. Looking to get more greens in your diet? Look no further than this most expensive fruit juice by Urban Remedy.