Top 5 Juice Industry Facts

Top 5 Juice Industry Facts
When you’re feeling a little under the weather, your initial response might be to grab a glass of orange juice. When you want to kickstart your day on a healthy note, you might blend up a smoothie. These trends truly impact the juice industry in ways we might not have even imagined. Here are our top juice industry facts!

1. Juice Sales – Something to Write Home About

1 Juice Sales Something To Write Home AboutPixabay

How often do you drink juice? It might be difficult for some of us to get our daily fill of fruits and vegetables, which could account for the amount we spend on juice a year! Of all juice industry facts, this might be the most surprising-yet-not surprising fact: bottled juice alone makes up $7.1 billion in sales a year. If you thought juice cleanses were a fad, think again. This number isn’t including what juice cleanses do for the juice industry! A whopping $3.4 billion is brought in by these cleanses alone. Wondering where concentrates fall in the juice industry as of lately? Take a seat if you are a juice concentrate lover: the industry has actually lost nearly a quarter of it’s dollar value. If you weren’t ready to make the switch, now might be the time to consider it!

2. Juice – A Beneficial Drink

2 Juice A Beneficial DrinkPixabay

There are many misconceptions about juice and the juice industry, making this fact incredibly informative for your juice drinking endeavors. The calorie content for fruit juice is around 80 calories per 4 oz. That’s not even taking into account the benefits you receive from drinking juice! If you’re struggling to get your daily allowance of healthy produce, know that juice can play a vital role in reaching the suggested amount. Phytonutrients are also present in juice, which means that they have disease fighting elements, and they’re great for disease prevention!

3. Orange – Leader in Juice Popularity

3 Orange Leader In Juice PopularityPixabay

Another juice industry fact is totally un-surprising if you’re a resident of the US. You can take this fun fact with you wherever you go, as the number is difficult to imagine! Alone, the US exports nearly 45,000 gallons of the delicious stuff. Our favorite breakfast pairing is also brought into the US at 7 times the amount, around 330,000 gallons. While it’s the most popular juice option, it’s actually the second most popular flavor of smoothie, which leads us to our next juice industry fact.

4. Smoothies – Blending Things Up

4 Smoothies Blending Things UpPixabay

Smoothies are making waves in the juice industry, and for good reason. The delicious flavors of fruit mixed with greens, with added juice, possibly ice or yogurt, and even nuts could make any person who doesn’t like fruits and vegetables a believer. In five years alone, smoothie sales have generated $2 billion annually, including popular juice bar names like Jamba Juice. Can you guess the most popular flavor of smoothie? If orange is second popular, then you’d be correct to guess strawberry! If you are interested in getting into the juice industry but aren’t sure where to begin because fruits and vegetables aren’t your favorite, then smoothies might be a great first step,

5. Juice Leader – Might be a Surprise

5 Juice Leader Might Be A SurprisePexels

Now for possibly our most surprising juice industry fact, you might not have known that PepsiCo is actually the leader in juice sales! Accounting for nearly half the juice sales annually, PepsiCo actually holds 41% of the market. This isn’t entirely surprising if you know that Coca Cola is responsible for 2% and that Campbell Soup comes in third with 8.5% of the market share.

Of all these juice industry facts, which one did you personally find most surprising? Were the benefits of juice a revelation or old news to you? Do you think these juice industry facts will change the way you think about your juice? The next time you take a delicious sip on a fruit juice or smoothie, share a fun fact with a friend.