Top 5 Juice Commercials of 2019

Advertisers have a lot of flexibility in making juice commercials. Many options could lead to many missed opportunities. That’s what makes these particular commercials well-worthy of being deemed the top 5 juice commercials of 2019.

Together Table | CapriSun

In this juice commercial, we witness a young boy in middle school about to do something that is clearly moving him out of his comfort zone. He walks up to a group of boys seated at a table in the cafeteria. One of the boys slams his hand down in the single place the nervous boy could have sat. The friends of the boy seated all laugh, and the nervous boy finds a seat alone, dismayed.

A young girl at another table has witnessed this and notices the boy seated alone. She takes an audible sip from her CapriSun before passing it to her friend, saying valiantly, “Hold my pouch.” A brief voiceover assures the viewer that the future is in good hands. The kids reassemble the lunch tables to form a rectangle allowing for everyone to sit next to someone. This commercial shows that kids are going to be making a difference.

This juice commercial holds a top spot in all juice commercials of 2019 due to its call-to-action method of acknowledging childhood bullying. They also focus on promoting CapriSun’s use of 100% juice. What makes this juice commercial memorable and impactful? The recognizing of childhood bullying and sweetening the sentiment with the main character’s solution. What could be sweeter?

Snapple Flavor Accuracy Tests – Wilderness

Next on the list of our top juice commercials of 2019 is the hilarious conversation between four apples taste testing Snapple’s Apple Flavor Accuracy Test. The second apple in the line comments how the drink tastes just like apple. He’s questioned on his knowledge of how an apple tastes. The fourth apple reminds the first apple of when they were lost in the wilderness. He continues in a dark inflection, “Remember when we were lost in the wilderness? Three came in, two came out.” A little grim in our list of the top juice commercials! The ending ties it together with a comment from the third apple, “Other than that, pretty fun trip.”

The point of this juice commercial is to convey that the juice you’re drinking will taste like the fruit you want it to taste like, rather than the clearly artificial drink options elsewhere on the market. The slightly morbid, entirely hilarious depiction of apples with human faces easily places this commercial in our top juice commercials of 2019.

V8 Commercial (2019)

Juice commercials do not need to be incredibly elaborate, as we might have deemed the former two juice commercials to have been. Consumers are better, now more than ever, at seeing beyond the sugar-coating that was and still is so prevalent in advertising. That’s what makes this juice commercial particularly palatable.

This juice commercial by V8 goes into the nutrition info of both their product and a simple glass of orange juice. Both are filled with antioxidants, while V8 is the only one with a full serving of vegetables and lacks the insane amount of sugar that orange juice has.
When it comes to informative and interesting juice commercials, V8 has this one locked down.

Cappy juice commercial

What comes to mind when you think of inspiration? Maybe not juice commercials. That’s what makes Cappy’s commercial so unique. It begins appearing as a trailer for a film. It goes through the struggles that married couples face time to time: a lack of passion. This juice commercial shows how taking a sip of a new juice can add excitement to your life. This is delightful not only the drinker, but those around them.

This juice commercial gained a spot on top because of the creativity and message behind it. You can make a simple change in your life for the better and good things will follow. Entirely relatable and undoubtedly refreshing.

Ocean Spray ® Act Tiny, Be Mighty ™

Ocean Spray holds the final place of the top juice commercials in 2019. They place focus on how something so small can make such a big impact. We see a scene with the farmers behind the product. They are displaying the values of happiness and home. This sentiment is unique in juice commercials. We are given an idea of the love that goes behind the product in this commercial. It makes you feel like you are consuming not only something homemade, but specifically with you in mind.

The other juice commercials on this list hold their top spots for a reason, but the nostalgia behind this commercial let’s the viewer know that this well-known business has small-town roots, something many of us can relate to or find comfort in.

Only a few juice commercials definitely stand out. One might make you want to cry with happiness at the thought that our next generation will not tolerate bullying. One could make you want to change your life by taking the first step to add excitement to your everyday. Regardless, there’s no doubt that these top five juice commercials will make you laugh, grace you with information, and delight the heart. Which was your favorite juice commercial of 2019?