Top 10 Most Expensive Bottled Waters

Top 10 Most Expensive Bottled Waters
When you think of high-ticket items, you may not automatically imagine bottled water. The most expensive bottled waters are pricier than certain luxuries. Do you ever have difficulty shelling out more than $10 on a bottle of wine you know you’ll finish by the end of the night? These expensive bottled waters might make your most expensive liquor look like a cheap purchase. We’ve found the ten most expensive bottled waters in the world.

10. Fine

You might feel boujee when sipping on Fiji water, especially due to their bottle design and high price. But there’s nothing like water filtered through the volcanic rock below Mount Fuji. Fine water is known for it’s soft taste and for being untouched by handmade pollutants. It’s listed as one of the most expensive bottled waters due to it’s price of $5 for 750 ml. $5 isn’t a lot for a wine bottle, but it might be pricey for a wine bottle filled with water.

9. AquaDeco

Looking for top-shelf appeal without the liquor? AquaDeco’s bottle could easily sit at the center of the table without any doubt that you shelled out serious cash for this bottled water. At $7 more than a bottle of Fine, you are looking at one of the more attractive expensive bottled waters in the world. Hailed from untouched springs in Canada, you’ll find this beauty in many luxury hotels and spas. $12 for the look and taste of luxury? Move over, wine.

8. Veen

Have an unquenchable thirst? This most expensive bottled water might be your answer. Dripping perfectly from Finland, Veen is known for its impeccable smoothness. It’s also been talked about as a water that can satiate your thirst unlike any other. The bottle alone lets you know you’re spending over twenty for this baby. At $23 for the size of a wine bottle, you know you’re getting nothing but luxury with this expensive bottled water.

7. Bling H20 Frosted Glass Collection

Here’s an expensive bottled water to impress clients or guests. Swarovski looks darling worn and looks even more amazing on a frosted bottle. Similar to the shape of a bottle of champagne, this smooth and luxurious water is emulated through its containment. Need a unique Christmas gift that won’t break the bank? For $40, Bling has you covered with one of the most expensive bottled water.

6. Svalbardi

Europe seems to produce some of the purest water. Svalbardi lends you a taste of the arctic in this premium bottle. Every bottle comes in a highly secure tube that allows for beautiful gift-giving. The most expensive bottled waters deserve to be as incredibly presented as they taste. This would make an excellent gift with a palatable price tag of $85. You might not spend so much on a bottle of wine for yourself, but you would be hard-pressed to find a gift so unique within this price range.

5. Filico

Kobe, Japan has adorned the water bottles of Filico with Swarovski crystals; a fine way to encase some of the most expensive bottled water this world has to offer. Fit for a king, the bottled water looks like something you’d imagine royalty to sip from. The incredible craftsmanship emulates the taste and luxury of this pure water. While still relatively affordable, this bottle goes for $200. Sip slowly and enjoy!

4. Kona Nigari

Around twice the price of Filico, this expensive bottled water comes at around $400. The Pacific Ocean houses this water just 2,000 miles beneath the surface. This deep water is known for insane health benefits, including helping the drinker lose weight. Kona Nigari even has energy-inducing elements. It is a cult favorite for these reasons and this is also why it has made its name as one of the most expensive bottled waters.

3. Bling H2O’s The Ten Thousand

The Best! Bling has made it on our list of the most expensive bottled water again! Purity and smoothness hike up this price tag, but the bottle surely encapsulates the luxury you’ll find here. Why is this bottle called “The Ten Thousand”? Because of the 10,000 Swarovski crystals you’ll find adorning the bottle. At only $2,700, the price tag isn’t so similar on this expensive bottled water. Expensive, but not as high as ten thousand, the way the name might have you imagine!

2. Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani

Art-enthusiasts, admire! The bottle this expensive bottled water comes in is a work of art in itself. Based on the work of famous artist Modigliani, this bottle is made with 24k gold. If $60,000 seems a little steep, worry not. This bottle was only available for auction. At least we can sit and admire it in pictures.

1. Beverly Hills 90H20 Luxury Collection Diamond Edition

Who would have thought that the most expensive bottled water would come from our neck of the woods? Sourced from the Sierra Nevada Mountains comes delicious water of which only nine bottles were created. What makes this one of the most expensive bottled waters? The exclusivity helps, doesn’t it? The bottle itself is adorned with approximately 600 white diamonds and 250 black diamonds. Truly gorgeous! The bottle alone could justify the price. This water also has gold elements on the bottle, and contains minerals as well as calcium in the water. A gorgeous bottle housing gorgeous taste.

Water is necessary for life. Some of us might never think to spend more than necessary on such an essential. It’s interesting to learn what makes these expensive bottled waters unique in their own way. What are your thoughts on the most expensive bottled water out there?