Top 10 Coffee Shops In NYC

Top 10 Coffee Shops In NYC
New York City is, without a doubt, known for its food and drinks. However, there are quite a few places that totally stand out to us and many travelers and locals alike! Here is a list of our top 10 coffee shops in NYC that offer wonderful pairings of food and drinks, most notably espressos. The next time you’re in the bustling city, be certain to check out these best coffee shops NYC has to offer.

10. Cafe Integral

10 Cafe Integral Top 10 Coffee Shops In NYCCafe Integral

Without a doubt, it’s all about the coffee for us, but there’s no denying we love a good Instagram shot. If you’re interested in delicious brew and a cute place to post pics, Cafe Integral is your new go-to. This spot easily takes place on our list of the best coffee shops in NYC because of its incredible roasts. After you finish a shopping trip in Manhattan, snack on some crack chips paired with an amazing mocha latte.

9. Maman

9 Maman Top 10 Coffee Shops In NYCMamanNYC

Maman is easily one of the best coffee shops in NYC. French food fills this beautiful little joint. European style is totally apparent with their little matching blue and white tableware. It’s perfect for taking photos, especially with their multitude of props throughout the shop. The Meatpacking District is very lucky to become home to one of their many locations. Do you love a delicious hot chocolate? This coffee shop has a lavender-infused version that’ll keep you super toasty.

8. Devocion

8 Devocion Top 10 Coffee Shops In NYCDevocion

Despite being on the list of the best coffee chops in NYC, you might not have given this location a second thought when you walked by it. This unique coffee shop hides, within its all-black exterior walls, a summer paradise. Interested in what our go-to is? You must try their small-batch Red Barrel. Fruity undertones make this brew easy to remember, putting Devocion on our list of the best coffee shops in NYC.

7. La Colombe

7 La Colombe Top 10 Coffee Shops In NYCLa Colombe

You don’t have to be an NYC native to have heard this name before. They’re popping up around the country! Next on our list of our choice of best coffee shops in NYC is La Colombe, an expanding coffee shop known for their on-draft brews. Don’t be intimidated by the long lines at this SoHo location– be encouraged! You will not have the shortest wait time at this coffee shop; however, the taste will completely make up for it. Furthermore, the minimalist interior is impeccable, setting a gorgeous ambiance for delicious coffee sipping.

6. Coffee Project

6 Coffee Project Top 10 Coffee Shops In NYCCoffee Project

This coffee shop is all about providing an informative and unique experience that’ll have you wondering how much you know about coffee at all! Why don’t we talk about the deconstructed latte? Imagine an incredible drink separated by all its elements into beautiful glasses. Your baristas have so much knowledge they’re happy and ready to share about what you’re drinking. You’re going to leave one of the best coffee shops in NYC knowing way more than you could have guessed.

5. Zibetto Espresso Bar

5 Zibetto Espresso Bar Top 10 Coffee Shops In NYCZibettoe Espresso

This small Italian coffee shop has a lot to offer, but you’re going to want to focus on their espressos. Their coffee is imported from Italy and is made to perfection. There are options for snacks that you can definitely pair, but there’s nothing like their Italian espressos. If there’s one thing you need to try, it’s their shekkarato. Imagine a delicious cup of shaken espresso atop yummy ice and you have a work of art for the palate.

4. Happy Bones

4 Happy Bones Top 10 Coffee Shops In NYCHappy Bones NYC

Did you even visit this top coffee shop in NYC if you didn’t get a picture? This gorgeous location has delicious offerings to mesmerize the palate. Adorably enough, they became well-known for their beautiful leopard-print spoons. You are able to purchase a set to take home, meaning you’ll never forget this lovely spot in NYC. Next time you’re in Little Italy, step away from the hustle and bustle in this little shop for photo-worthy opportunities and amazing espressos.

3. Sey Coffee

3 Sey Coffee Top 10 Coffee Shops In NYCSey Coffee

Next on the list of our choices for top coffee shops in NYC is the sleek and minimalist-styled Sey Coffee. While this shop might not propose to be luxurious, you’ll certainly feel you’ve got the royal treatment: they’re known for passing out servings of seltzer when you sip in-store. On top of incredible flavors, you’ll be housed by a gorgeous, large skylight above. If the name of this coffee sounds familiar, it might be due to it popping up in many restaurants. Enjoy your time at Sey Coffee!

2. Abraço

2 Abraco Top 10 Coffee Shops In NYCAbracoNYC

House-roasted beans is what we’re all about! Second to last on our list of the best coffee shops in NYC is this Portuguese-named shop stemming from the East Village. We can rave all day about their olive oil cake. Have you ever paired a scrumptious olive oil cake with an espresso? Theirs is a definite match made in heaven. Be certain to try it with its delicious citrus fragrance, all the while enhancing the rich flavor of the espresso. This darling spot also boasts booze and other treats. What will you try first?

1. Two Hands

1 Two Hands Top 10 Coffee Shops In NYCTwoHandsNYC

How would you have known that an Australian touch is just what your coffee needed? This fun coffee shop gets its name from Heath Ledger’s very own film production. On top of amazing roasts, you need to try their food! For a light snack, may we recommend the Supermoon Croissant? Imagine a succulent, buttery, chocolate croissant– to die for. Then there’s the Verona Sandwich which you’ll be craving at lunch until the end of time: a delicious sour dough roll with avocado, tomato, pesto, and mozzarella. Yes, please!

How many of these great locations have you made it out to? Whether you are primarily focused on the espressos, the milk selections for your coffee, or even how amazing your food and drinks will look as a post on Instagram, there’s definitely something for everyone and every occasion. Enjoy trying our top coffee shops in NYC!