The Cast Of ‘Home Improvement’ 20 Years Later – Then And Now

The Cast Of ‘Home Improvement’ 20 Years Later - Then And Now

It is hard to find someone who has never seen an episode of the 90’s sitcom Home Improvement. In 1991, ABC aired the first episode, which stared Tim Allen and the day-to-day life of his family. The simplicity of the show, along with its playful humor was loved by viewers. It won multiple Emmy Awards and Golden Globes and it was the most watched sitcom in the U.S during the 90’s.

Home Improvement saw the beginning of careers for many actors and a lot of them still appear on TV today. Others chose different paths and one of those paths crossed with the law! Despite the potentially shocking gossip that followed the story of Home Improvement, fans of the show still adore the Taylor family. Looking back might make us feel old but it is sure to bring back some fond memories too.

1. Michelle Williams

1. Michelle WilliamsYIMG

Williams began acting when she was in her teens getting her first role on Baywatch. She got her part on Home Improvement in 1995. Since then you will have spotted her at many awards ceremonies after being nominated for four Academy Awards, five Golden Globes and winning one Golden Globe.

2. Taran Noah Smith

2. Taran Noah SmithYIMG

Smith was 6 when he started on the show. He was the youngest of the three children and he attracted many young viewers in the same family position. A year after Home Improvement at 17, Smith married 33-year old Heidi Van Pelt, together they opened a vegan food company. After their divorce in 2012, Smith was arrested for possession of cannabis.

3. Pamela Anderson

3. Pamela AndersonREDD / STUFF

Lisa was the tool girl for Tim’s Tool Time. She was in the first 2 seasons before taking a part in Baywatch. Since then Anderson has been in various films, the Baywatch reboot in 2017 and Dancing with the Stars. She is a firm supporter of animal rights.

4. Mickey Jones


Home Improvement had a building crew called K and B construction. These guys made regular appearances on Tool Time. Pete was the stereotypical builder who idolized Tim. Jones’ success has mostly been on TV but he has dabbled in film. Since 1971 he has played over 130 TV/film roles.

5. Gary McGurk


Another member of K and B Construction, Gary McGurk began his career in 1963 on General Hospital but only for one episode. He stayed away from the screen until 1986 when he stared in Simon and Simon. Apart from a role in Babylon 5, McGurk hasn’t had much other success as an actor.

6. Tim Allen


Let’s face it, Tim Allen became the most famous handyman of all time! The show Home Improvement was based on Tim staring in his show ‘Tool Time’ while trying to balance his family life. The relatbility of the show increased its fan base; the typical problems of a family and the day-to-day arguments! Allen went on to play the lead role in The Santa Claus series, the voice of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story as well as another sitcom, The Last Man Standing!

7. William O’Leary

7. William O’LearyMEDIA-AMAZON

O’Leary was a late starter in terms of his role in Home Improvement, joining the cast in the 4th season. He played the part of Tim’s brother and remained a crucial character until the end of the show. His later acting credits have been smaller but there have been over 50 over them.

8. Dave Chappelle

8. Dave ChappelleHEARSTAPPS / VIBE

Chappelle became famous for his comic role in Half Baked but his appearance with co-star Jim Breuer in one of the 1995 episodes led to the pair getting their own spinoff show about the real lives of Jim and Dave.

9. Richard Karn

9. Richard KarnCLOUDFRONT

Al was Tim’s assistant on Tool Time and while it was Tim’s show, it was Al how had the skill and often had to clear up after Tim. Their relationship was full of Tim’s mockery but with a good heart. Richard Barn went on to play in other series like That 70’s Show but his most significant role after – Home Improvement was hosting Family Feud.

10. Earl Hindman

10. Earl HindmanREDD

During the 70’s, Hindman had many successful roles in films but we all fell in love with him as Tim’s wise neighbor who only ever showed the top half of his head. Sadly, Hindman died of lung cancer in 2003.

11. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

11. Jonathan Taylor ThomasLOOPER / FILES

While Smith brought in the younger views, Thomas drove the teenage girls crazy, even appearing on the cover of some teen magazines. Taylor was the voice of Simba in The Lion King, and a couple of other films but finally decided fame was not for him. He studied at Harvard, Columbia and St. Andrews in Scotland.

12. Jimmy Labriola

12. Jimmy LabriolaGETTYIMAGES

The unemployed, mooching donut lover, Jimmy – Tim’s memorable hardware store buddy! Tim and Jimmy worked together on The Santa Claus movies and Joe Somebody but for the most, he stayed away from the camera. He performs a bit of stand-up comedy every now and then.

13. Megan Cavanagh

13. Megan CavanaghWIKIA / HEARSTAPPS

Towards the end of the show, the writers decided that Al needed to discover love. Enter Trudy. The end of Home Improvement was Al and Trudy’s wedding. Cavanagh was a well-seasoned actor when she was cast in Home Improvement. Cavanagh stared in A League of Their Own, Robin Hood and Men in Tights and is still acting today.

14. Sherry Hursey

14. Sherry HurseyCLOUDFRONT

It’s not like the writers had completely abandoned Al’s love life. Halfway through the show Al almost married Trudy Markham but things didn’t work out. Hursey had already completed some impressive roles before playing Trudy. She had been in Happy Days and The Waltons. She has only chosen select roles since 2000.

15. Blake Clark

15. Blake ClarkAPA-AGENCY

“The hardware store guy” had previously been performing stand-up comedy before his role on Home Improvement. After, he continued as the voice of Slinky Dog on Toy Story. Clark worked together with Adam Sandler on various films such as 50 First Dates and Grown Ups. In terms of TV credits, Clark had a major role on Girl Meets World.

16. Patricia Richardson

16. Patricia RichardsonGGJ-EST / BWWSTATIC

This mom new how to keep the Taylors in order with her warm heart and moments of sarcasm. In 2002, Richardson played the role of Dr. Campbell in Strong Medicine for 3 years and she performed in a theater version of Steel Magnolias. Being a mother of 3 also keeps her quite busy.

17. William O’Leary


Marty was Tim’s significantly younger brother and made an appearance in 30 episodes. O’Leary’s megahits include Hot Shots!, Terminator 3 and Miss Congeniality (to name a few). He will star in Bitcoin, which is in pre-production now.

18. Zachery Ty Bryan


Brad was the oldest of the three boys and was often in trouble. One pivotal plot was when his parents had to discuss the topic of drugs after he was caught with marijuana. Bryan had guest spots on a couple of series but turned his hand to producing and focusing on his wife and children.

19. Casey Sander


Here we have the foreman of K and B Construction. Flanagan wasn’t a regular part on Home Improvement but Sander made periodic appearances. Since the mid 80’s, Sander has clocked up over 130 credits not so long ago these included Grey’s Anatomy and The Big Bang Theory.

20. Debbe Dunning


Dunning replaced Anderson on Tool Time. She became more famous for her Binford (Tool Time’s sponsor) t-shirt and found herself on the cover of magazines. Her roles since leaving Home Improvement have been quite small in shows like Sabrina, the Teenage Witch and Wicked Wicked Games. She is married with three children.