20 Most Hilarious Prom Photos Ever Taken

20 Most Hilarious Prom Photos Ever Taken

As with many things, Hollywood has raised the expectations and although we loved our prom night, it probably didn’t match that film we saw. The one thing that is consistent is the photo! For some unexplainable reason, a perfect, stunning and natural prom photo is impossible. What you can guarantee is a laugh as you take a trip down memory lane looking at prom photos, just like these beauties we have selected!

1. My Best Friend Likes Your Best Friend!

1. My Best Friend Likes Your Best Friend!CLOUDFRONT

Let’s give them credit for their suits and dresses, the have gained bonus points for color coordination. But we get the feeling that the couple on the right are going to the prom with their dream person whereas the couple on the left have just met!

2. When You Can’t Seem To Get Everyone In The Shot

2. When You Can’t Seem To Get Everyone In The ShotBUZZFEED

So we are screaming less 80’s and more the 90’s, the backwards baseball cap is a clue. But was the photographer more impressed with the bushes than the last few people on the end? Or the photographer already had a sneaky beer or two before the party? Admit it, we all did it!

3. We Will ‘Weather’ Through This

3. We Will ‘Weather’ Through ThisPINIMG

We wonder, do the organizers of this prom regret the choice of their theme? What do you think if you dream prom outfit was a plastic, homemade weather symbol? Fair play to them, they are both looking both colorful and cheerful and there is a lot of detail and effort gone into this.

4. The Bodyguards!

4. The Bodyguards!PINIMG

We are certainly not saying that every girl has to wear a fluffy dress to prom, but these two look like they are about to work at the prom rather than attend it. We also love the slither of light between them, keeping that non-romantic date distance.

5. Prom Night, Prom Night, Read All About It!

5. Prom Night, Prom Night, Read All About It!BUSINESSINSIDER

Unless we are attending another themed party, we have another confusing prom dress here. This beautiful individual is comfortable standing out from the crowd or maybe wearing her own design. It certainly is original! Does she look back with pride or laughter? Does he have a matching newspaper bowtie?

6. The Difference In Height Won’t Stop Our Love

6. The Difference In Height Won’t Stop Our LovePINIMG

This photo appears to be later than the 80’s but this dude is still rocking the 80’s look, or maybe he only blow-dried his hair from one side? Remember the cute advert when the girl stood on a phonebook to kiss the boy? Why didn’t she just stand on a step? Still, look at the color scheme all the way to the laces.

7. More From The 80’s

7. More From The 80’sPINIMG

Here is another adorable couple in their color coordinated outfits. While we thought that we were setting the trend of fake tans in the 90’s, it looks like a few people beat us to it. Remember to add those glittering accessories.

8. I Will Take My Date In XL

8. I Will Take My Date In XLPINIMG

You can’t choose who you fall in love with (although you can choose your prom date) but these two couldn’t be more different in physique! Despite their size difference they do look like a happy couple.

9. There Is Always One Joker

9. There Is Always One JokerPINIMG

Back when this photo was taken there were no smart phones where you could check the photo, delete it and keep going until you got the perfect image. So, when someone literally photobombs, you would only have seen it when it was developed. These lovely ladies thought they were having a nice girly moment. Think again!

10. Barbie Girl In A Barbie World

10. Barbie Girl In A Barbie WorldPINIMG

In today’s times it would be unseen and so politically incorrect to put a human doll in a box. But somehow these girls not only achieved, but also look quite pleased with themselves. I am assuming no boy was about to get in a box advertised as Ken!

11. Even Proms Get Gate Crashers

11. Even Proms Get Gate CrashersPINIMG

There are various options here. Batman is photo bombing the boy’s prom photo, this guy received the wrong invitation but is not going to let that spoil his night or he took the words “dark suit” the wrong way. It is also possible that the Hulk has lent his suit to someone!

12. Girl Power And Feminism

12. Girl Power And FeminismPINIMG

You cannot get enough pink on prom night! We have a powerful combination of flowing dresses, heels and even a bowtie. These two ladies are breaking tradition, removing all boy issues and going to prom together. Respect! You don’t need a boy to dance the night away!

13. The Little Mermaid Or The Statue Of Liberty?

13. The Little Mermaid Or The Statue Of Liberty?PINIMG

Now, Mermaid bridal dresses are fashionable, but I think this young lady has taken it a step too far. Perhaps Mum took out the hot glue gun to turn an almost acceptable dress into a themed dress. There must have been an obvious reason for the spikes, we hope!

14. Hang On, Did You Take Bon Jovi To The Prom?

14. Hang On, Did You Take Bon Jovi To The Prom?PINIMG

Perhaps it’s that thinned out fringe that makes him the Bon Jovi look alike, whatever it was, her posture is literally exploding with pride. This doesn’t explain the corsage attached to the dress instead of around the wrist!

15. I Can Take Anyone I Want To The Prom!

15. I Can Take Anyone I Want To The Prom!PINIMG

Yes, this creative young fella has made his own Selena Gomez and dressed her up to match his flashy green waistcoat and pristine white suit. When asked if Selena was happy with her outfit, she was silent! We bet his teachers wished he put as much effort into his schoolwork.

16. The Taboo Subject- Fur!

16. The Taboo Subject- Fur!PINIMG

‘Oh, the weather outside is’… definitely not snowing and one could even say not that cold. The dress itself looks quite warm but let’s add a touch of fur anyway! This date is such a gentleman that he is not going to suggest leaving the fur behind.

17. Adding The Complements

17. Adding The ComplementsPINIMG

There are three things that scream 80’s prom. First you have the perm (not limited to proms). Then you have Neon (again not limited to proms) but the third important 80’s prom essential is that your partner is wearing something that is the same color as your outfit!

18. My Knight In shining Armor

18. My Knight In shining ArmorPINIMG

Prom night is all about being a princess, it’s our Cinderella and Prince Charming moment. If the dress and suit doesn’t make you feel like royalty, we can always rely on the school to emphasis this with some stylish decorations. If you are on a tight budget, just throw glitter all over the floor.

19. I Would Like To Make A Toast To…

19. I Would Like To Make A Toast To…PINIMG

“So raise a glass if you are wrong in all the right ways”! We are not too sure where to start with this one. The plastic dress, the incredibly red faces or the fact that underage young ladies are all holding glasses of wine! At least we have the long white gloves to keep up the level of class.

20. Is Height Really That Important?

20. Is Height Really That Important?PINIMG

This girl has a nice tidy outfit, the decorations seem to be tasteful but wait, is she wearing 6-inch heels? In fact, this young lad still looks to be in total shock over how he managed to get her to the prom with him.