Diva Actors! The Most Demanding Celebrity Contracts

Diva Actors! The Most Demanding Celebrity Contracts

Being an actress or an actor in Hollywood can be tough. It comes with a life of endless work and endless fans that you have to appreciate and take care of. Not only do you work long hours when some of them do not seem to pay off, you also have to work long hours outside of the studio by keeping your fans happy and pleased. Some actors have to work harder than others and they strive to be able to be on the top and have to even work themselves up. Many actors and actresses have to negotiate their pay and their work just like in other jobs. Some actors and actresses have real reasons to complain or to find ways to make their jobs better, while some just have weird demands that they think should be met on the spot.

1. Master Director

1. Master DirectorTIMEDOTCOM

Garry Marshall is a very known director, even directing the movie “Pretty Woman.” Even though he was a great director, he made sure that his demands were met. He made the demand that his friend, Hector Elizondo was able to be guaranteed a role, as long as he directed the film. Elizondo was able to appear in all of his films until Marshall died.

2. Purple Lightsaber

2. Purple LightsaberLEBANONEWS

Star Wars is an unforgettable movie that details science fiction in a way that we all love. Samuel L. Jackson was a powerful star in the movie. One interesting fact about him is that he demanded that his character, Jedi Council Mace Windu, would be allowed to have a purple lightsaber instead of the regular green, blue or red. He definately wanted to stand out!

3. Co-Worker Love

3. Co-Worker LoveMEDIA-AMAZON

When asked to play a role in Miami Vice, Jamie Foxx demanded that he would play a major role as long as one thing, that he would make more than his co-star, Colin Farrell. He also refused to work close to planes or boats but wanted to own a jet of his own.

4. No Yankee Here!

4. No Yankee Here!YTIMG

When making the movie, Gone Girl, Ben Affleck made a demand that was interesting. Since he was a Red Sox fan, he decided that he would not wear a Yankees hat, no matter what they said about it. He even told his director that he loved him and would do anything for him except for wear the Yankees hat.

5. Pay Raise


Who doesn’t love Bruce Willis? Since he is one of the major stars of now and in the past, he felt that he had a right to demand something for all of the hard work that he puts in. Willis felt that he should have more money even for small roles and decided that $1 million dollars per day would satisfy him. It wasn’t long before he was replaced by Harrison Ford!

6. Mr. President!

6. Mr. President!YTIMG

While shooting a film, Daniel Day-Lewis was all about history and playing the role of Lincoln. In order to get his acting straight, he decided that it would help him if everyone on the set would call him “Mr. President.” He even went as far as refusing to talk to people that were British so that he could improve his American accent for the film.

7. What Was That?

7. What Was That?NYT

Johnny Depp is one of the greatest actors of all times and he also seemed to be very stubborn. During his film “Pirates of the Carribean,” he refused to memorize his lines and had one of the sound people to give him the lines through his earpiece. Even though he did this, he still perfected the role, as always!

8. What Kind of Toilet Paper is That?

8. What Kind of Toilet Paper is That?NYT

While filming, Barbara Streisand decided that she would be happy to film as long as they provided her with the toilet paper of her choice. Her choice, was toilet paper that was peach inc olor because she felt that it matched her skin tone. She also wanted to have rose petals put in the toilets that she used. We aren’t sure why, but maybe because she wanted rose colored smells instead of the latter!

9. Homeless People Demand

9. Homeless People DemandPEOPLEDOTCOM

Robin Williams had a place in all of our hearts even after his death. When he decided to film, he had a demand that shocked most people that knew him. He demanded that there be a certain amount of homeless people that were allowed to work during the filming. What an inspiration he has always been and will always be!

10. Eloise


Uma Thurman is loved by many in Hollywood and maybe it is her strong characters that draw people in or her beaming personality. Whatever it is, she also had demands such as refusing to be a part of the movie unless she was given veto power over her co-workers. She even wanted to be in charge over the director of the film. She also wanted three difference cell phones, but no one is really sure why!

11. No Faking!


Shia LeBeouf knew how to show his acting skills. But, during the movie Fury, he went above and beyond his acting skills by demanding that he would get real wounds over fake ones. He felt that using makeup was not going to prove a point and he cut himself before his shoots. What devotion!

12. Dating Problems

12. Dating ProblemsPOSTMEDIACANOE

The Game of the Thrones is a masterpiece television show from HBO that is from a best-selling book by George R.R. Martin. Since this show is so loved, it is important to have actors and actresses that are loved too. Lena Headey who plays the role of Cersei refuses to be on the set with Jerome Flynn who plays Bronn because they used to date in the past.

13. High Paid!

13. High Paid!GQ

Samuel L. Jackson is one of the highest paid actors in all of Hollywood so he has a right to make demands when he wants to. One thing he loves is to golf and he put in his contract that he was allowed to golf at least twice a week and he also refuses to do any extra takes that they might need someone to do. Sounds like a great demand to me!

14. Let Me Live!

14. Let Me Live!ETONLINE

In many of Queen Latifah’s films, she was killed off and so she decided that she was no longer happy with these death roles. In 1996, she decided that she was going to write in her contract that her characters cannot die in her movies anymore. She felt that if she kept being killed off that she wouldn’t be part of a sequel.

15. Strong Man!

15. Strong Man!MAXIM

Arnold Schwarzenegger always had a reputation to keep and so when he demanded to have a trailer that had a gym in it, it should have been no surprise. He also demanded that he wanted a 3-bedroom suite for all of his filming and wanted to have some say in what was going on. He loves to be in charge on and off stage!

16. Sexiest Man Alive

16. Sexiest Man AliveMIGHTYMEGA

George Clooney played his roles well, especially the one of being the sexiest man alive on the cover of People magazine. Despite his looks, his talent is also amazing but he is very choosey about what roles he will take. Once, he demanded to have a beachfront house and a basketball court that he could take with him while he was working. He added later that he would like a hot tub to relax in after shooting for the day.

17. New Socks and Underwear

17. New Socks and UnderwearCOLLIDER

Since Eddie Murphy was such a busy actor, he didn’t want to be bothered by having to do laundry, so instead, he insisted that he get a new pair of socks and underwear each morning before he began filming. Murphy has been known to be very clean and not even wanting to shake hands because of the germs he could catch.

18. Live Lobsters!

18. Live Lobsters!SCSTYLECASTER

When filming “The Other Guys,” Paris Hilton wanted her share of the demands as well! She demanded to have live lobsters on the set of the movie in case she got hungry and she also wanted Grey Goose vodka. What is better than being able to have a dinner and a drink while filming a hit show or movie?

19. No More Suit!

19. No More Suit!TWIMG

Iron Man, or Robert Downey Jr., was an actor that we have adored from the very beginning. Even though he was a great actor, he got tired of wearing the Iron Man suit because it was so heavy. He asked if he could have someone haul the costume for him someway or figure out a way to make it less heavy. He eventually had some digital specials added to his suit to make it easier to handle!