No Refunds! Crazy Yard Sale Items

No Refunds! Crazy Yard Sale Items

People love having garage sales and yard sales so that they can get rid of their stuff, but people also love to shop at them so that they can find a deal. You can find great stuff at a garage sale such as clothing, shoes, toys, books, furniture and more. Some people spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect treasure at a garage sale. Sometimes, people even get lucky and find things that they didn’t even know that they were needing or looking for. While some things that you might find at a garage sale can be great and very useful, some things can be strange and just plain scary! At some garage sales or yard sales, you might even get lucky to find ugly paintings or dolls that seem to be possessed by demons. Look at these different things that were found at some different garage sales!

1. Buy Me!

1. Buy Me!IMGUR

This doll is definately “dolled up.” The price of the doll is $150 dollars but some people would rather pay the $150 dollars to make sure that the doll does not follow them home. Be careful to not look it straight in the eyes.

2. Beautiful Creature

2. Beautiful CreatureIMGUR

This creature is a must for any home decoration. He can be displayed on your mantle or even in yoru hallway. Or, even better yet, this guy could be displayed in the dumpster in the back yard. This is a buy that most people would probably choose to pass on. Next!

3. Hunting Masterpiece

3. Hunting MasterpieceIMGUR

This squirrel could be a classy piece in your den or home office. This squirrel trophy even comes equipped with his own name, “Oh So Funky!” and funky is it! Even though it is only a little piece of the squirrel, the owners want $69 dollars for it! Who wouldn’t want a $69 squirrel butt?

4. Fuzzy Wuzzy

4. Fuzzy WuzzyIMGUR

This fuzzy little creature does not leave much up to the imagination. This thrift store treasure can sit in your living room or kitchen so that it can wait for you to get home. Who doesn’t love those eyes?

5. Head’s Up!

5. Head's Up!IMGUR

Who knew that Goodwill sold rocket launchers? No one would pass up this prize Goodwill item. Every home needs to have a rocket launcher laying around, just in case. You never know when you might need to launch something into space!

6. Raggedy Bank

6. Raggedy BankPINIMG

Nothing is better than to have a bank to keep your change in. No one could pass up this Raggedy Ann coin bank, even if her eyes are a little dark and her smile is a little creepy. I am sure that the red coming from her eyes are just tears of joy of being purchased and not blood running down her cheeks!

7. Let Me Out Chair

7. Let Me Out ChairIMGUR

This chair is the perfect chair for someone that is lonely at home. This chair is a place where not only can you take a seat, but it is a place where you can feel the someone else’s cry for help. The fearful gaze is just an added perk. Be sure to keep this seat close so that guests can feel the same love that you feel.

8. Colonel Sanders Would Be Jealous!

8. Colonel Sanders Would Be Jealous!IMGUR

Anyone who loves to eat at Kentucky Fried Chicken would snatch up this beauty in a second. Who does not want their recipes or notes held together by the chicken of your choice? Not everyone has the option of having their meal and eating it too!

9. VHS Tapes Made of Gold?

9. VHS Tapes Made of Gold?IMGUR

These VHS tapes are selling for a great deal of $25,000 dollars. Remember, this is not just for one tape but for six of them! These are great classics that Disney makes. Even though most of the tapes probably run for $5.00 each or less, the seller is hoping for some serious cash!

10. Winnie the What?

10. Winnie the What?IMGUR

This picture is a great picture of a bear that is wearing a red shirt but this Winnie the Pooh wannabe is not a wannabe treasure. Even though it looks like the seller tried hard, the dark eyes give me the chills.

11. Ready to Eat?

11. Ready to Eat?IMGUR

This picture speaks volumes to those of us who eat meat. This should probably be entitled, “Dinner Is Almost Ready.” The painting makes gutting a deer look easy but I’m not sure why they decided to gut it right in the middle of the woods. Maybe I just don’t know much about hunting!

12. Skot’s First Puke

12. Skot's First PukeIMGUR

This picture treasure is not only unique, it also has unique spelling. Even the eyes seem to be leaking with envy for whoever gets this prized treasure. Though Skot probably forgot his famous day when he had his first puke, the buyer will always remember that perfect early morning puke on December 7th.

13. Tinker Belly

13. Tinker BellyTWIMG

Halloween is some people’s most favorite holiday because they can dress up and be whoever they want to be. Who doesn’t want to be Tinker Belly? Nothing makes more sense than buying a costume form a thrift store that shows you dressed as your favorite Disney character but with an added touch of a beer belly to let the world know what you really wish you were doing!

14. Two In One

14. Two In OneJAYDSON

This prized sale is something that you will not see everyday, at least not in that context. This candle holder can be great to keep the light shining in your dining room and better yet, if you realize that you sat down and you forgot a spoon, this candle holder can supply that need as well! Remember, make sure that you remind your guests that this silverware is just for show.

15. Limb Chair

15. Limb ChairIMGUR

This time-out chair tops the cake in creepy things that you can purchase at a garage sale. No one wants to buy a chair that has two real prosthetic limbs attached to the bottom unless the point is to scare the beejeebies out of someone! At least if you purchase this chair you will have a spot to put your shoes in case you run out of room on the shoe rack!

16. From Your Number Two

16. From Your Number TwoIMGUR

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and nothing says love like a baby taking a dump on a pot. Just make sure that you love your mom and that you are the number two child in her life before you spend your extra money on this cute little gift. Let your mom know how much she means to you not just on Mother’s Day but every day!

17. He’s Looking At You Kid!

17. He's Looking At You Kid!IMGUR

Nothing says yard art like a statue that is missing part of its arm and has a creepy stare. This statue is perfect for all of your Halloween needs or just to scare away your visitors. Actually, use this outside so that you can make sure that you keep visitors away forever because they will be too afraid to come back once they catch a glimpse of this guy!

18. Selling My Grandma

18. Selling My GrandmaIMGUR

No garage sale is complete without trying to sell the remains of someone in your family. Just like this person who wanted to sale the ashes of their grandma, you too can make sure to sell your cremated family at your own local garage sale or thrift store.

19. Furball Collection

19. Furball CollectionIMGUR

If you are looking for a new way to decorate, these cat figurines might be the perfect fit for your home decor. You can even start by placing them in order of size or even color. Maybe you can get lucky with this yard sale and find two that are the same. If not, you could always buy them and regift them!