You Never Know What You Might See!

You Never Know What You Might See!

If you just happen to be lucky enough to be at the right place at the craziest time, you might get lucky and see something that just blows your mind. You might be in the right place to see something at Walmart that just shocked you or you might be in a place to get a free item or to be recognized for being the 100th customer! Sometimes, you might even be in the right place in the right time just to be able to snap a picture that will get you a million likes on Facebook. Look at these pictures below and see if you don’t wish that you had taken the pictures that these master photographers were lucky enough to take! Nothing says shock like having to take a double look at something to see if you can even believe it!

1. In Thin Air

1. In Thin AirIMGUR

This trick of standing on air is something that everyone would like to know about. This picture seems to be magical when in reality, it is just the angle of the lens. But, whoever took this picture was lucky enough to make it online as one crazy looking picture!

2. Giant Drop Kick

2. Giant Drop KickTHESUN

This picture can say a thousand words or it can just say “ouch.” Not only does it look like the guy in the front is drop kicking the guy to the side, it also looks like he is a giant. I feel sorry for the little guy that has those big feet in his face!

3. Where Is His Head?

3. Where Is His Head?THESUN

This picture makes you question if you had too much to drink last night or not. The hockey player on the right seems to have lost his head, literally! When in doubt of losing a fight, just make your head disappear so you can throw your opponent off guard!

4. Picture of Dad

4. Picture of DadIMGUR

This picture is one that needs a double or a triple take! At first glance, it looks like the picture in the room is a picture of the head of the family’s father whom they love deeply. In reality, the picture is really with their father, whom they love deeply, he is just wearing a striped shirt that just happens to match the picture frame perfectly!

5. Giant Spider

5. Giant SpiderIMGUR

This picture looks straight out of the movies. The spider on the picture looks to be the size of a semi truck and even if you are from the tropical rainforest, this is a BIG spider! This picture might require a few extra looks to really reason what is going on.

6. Thank You Ma’am!

6. Thank You Ma'am!REDD

Make sure to always be polite to people that are sitting beside you, even dogs that have women bodies. This picture definately makes you take a double look when you notice that this dog has human arms. Is this photoshopped, just a perfect picture blunder or are we being taken over by alien dogs?

7. Ocean Blanket

7. Ocean BlanketIMGUR

No one wants to have a blanket that makes them feel as “warm as ocean water?” That is not even a real thing! The cold and dark ocean has no place as a blanket, bring on the duck feathers or the fuzzy wuzzy bears! Keep the ocean blanket for someone else!

8. Yogo Goat

8. Yogo GoatIMGUR

This lady that is doing a yoga pose is doing more than posting, but she seems to be kicking the goat out of the way. Maybe this is literal or maybe she is “kicking the habit” of an unhealthy lifestyle and the goat just happens to represent that. Either way, this picture is one not easily forgotten!

9. Dressed To Impress!

9. Dressed To Impress!IMGUR

This picture is one that you need to look again and again to see that the man in the background is in fact not wearing a wedding dress that is just his perfect fit, but is in fact walking beside a fountain that just happens to go off at the perfect time. This picture could not have been planned better even if the photographer had tried!

10. Fingers or Toes?

10. Fingers or Toes?IMGUR

I’m not sure how this lady grabs things when she has toes for fingers and we all question if she has fingers for toes? This picture was taken at the perfect angle for people to want to go out and buy her an extra pair of shoes just so she can cover up her hands!

11. The Human Knot

11. The Human KnotIMGUR

No one is exactly sure what is going on in this picture from the human knot to the movies in the background. Is that a rental place like a Block Buster? Also, while we are at it, does that guy have extra legs or does the girl have a second body? Plus, what is the boy in the background doing? Who even knows!!

12. Nothing Says Sexy Like Arm Hair!

12. Nothing Says Sexy Like Arm Hair!IMGUR

No one can ever say that arm hair is not sexy. Especially arm hair on a giant arm that comes out from a sweet looking, petite girl. Even though we can all conclude that we are seeing a leg in the photo, this gives you the imagination to think what women would look like as hairy animals!

13. Large and In Charge!

13. Large and In Charge!IMGUR

This little boy looks like he has the face of a 50 year old man. The nose and the glasses do not fit the tiny boy body. This reminds me of those movies where adults dress up as babies in order to get free things and to get in to amusement parks cheaper! Eeek!

14. Cookie Is In The House!

14. Cookie Is In The House!IMGUR

This was either on purpose or it was a perfectly amazing mistake. Nothing says drinking at the bar like Cookie Monster being in the house. The great thing is that they probably never even knew that they were sitting in the perfect position for a picture that would be hilarious for all who saw it!

15. I Can’t See You!

15. I Can't See You!IMGUR

This guy has the best sales pitch ever! Selling his camo shirt, which is invisible! I hope whoever bought that had the same benefits as he did when he wore it. I wonder if they paid with invisible money?

16. Big Guy Little Arm, Little Guy Big Arm!

16. Big Guy Little Arm, Little Guy Big Arm!IMGUR

This picture is probably one of the greatest pictures on the internet of all times! The way the photographer captured this picture it looks like the baby has a giant hand and the dad has a giant arm with baby hands. This picture probably got so much attention that they wish it was true!

17. Get Out of the Dog Lane!

17. Get Out of the Dog Lane!SRGCDN

When your dog is late for work, he or she must be able to take the fast lane like this dog here did. Even though I am pretty sure that dog’s can’t get a drivers license, having a dog license might just do the trick, especially if he drives better than most people do!

18. Muscle Cat

18. Muscle CatIMGUR

This cat knows exactly how to do the best workouts and how to get fit, really, really fit! It would be in our best interest to take advice from this cat so we can gain muscles and momentum to really make it in life!

19. Remember Son, You Got This!

19. Remember Son, You Got This!IMGUR

This guy is getting the advice that he needs at just the right time by his sun mentor behind him. The angle of the picture makes it look like the sun is rubbing his shoulders and giving him a great piece of advice just before his speech. Let’s hope he really made an impact and made the Sun proud!