Exciting Jobs Everyone Wishes They Could Have!

Exciting Jobs Everyone Wishes They Could Have!

When it is time to find a job, most college students are given the chance to have careers that either require them to get a big degree or those that only have a few choices. You can be a teacher, lawyer, doctor, computer scientists, scientist, engineer or all kinds of other jobs, but those types of jobs are very known and are not very rare. Most of those jobs have been around for longer than the caveman and they are jobs that require most people to have a lot of qualifications for. One great thing about those jobs, of course, is that they pay super well and even though it is hard to get the degree, the pay is deserving. These jobs below though, are jobs that you would never expect to actually be called “work” and you really wouldn’t expect to get paid for some of them! Some of them sound like they could be so much fun and some of them are very strange and jobs that no one would ever even think existed! Read the jobs below so that you can see that you can have a chance to do anything your heart desires!

1. Paid Shopper

1. Paid ShopperMEDIUM

Even though there are sometimes people that say that they hate shopping, the majority of people love to go to the mall or the stores to shop or even just to browse. One job that would be highly coveted is the job as a personal shopper. Many celebrities would pay a lot of money to find someone that would do their personal shopping for them. Not only could you meet your habit, you could also make anywhere from $25,000-$100,000 or more a year!

2. Paid Cuddler

2. Paid CuddlerPARADE

This job might sound a little bit creepy, but the job of a professional cuddler is a real thing. Sometimes, people will pay for someone to come and cuddle them for an hour. This kind of job might have you in your feels and not only that, you can make from $30,000 to $100,000 per year. Check out cuddlist.com for more details!

3. Go For the Slide!

3. Go For the Slide!HEARSTAPPS

Who has ever dreamed of riding down waterslides and getting to test new rides that are new and exciting? Well if you have, the job as a waterslide tester, might be the perfect job for you! Not only can you have fun and try out new rides, you can also make around $26,000 per year doing it!

4. Dive Deep!

4. Dive Deep!LIFEBUZZ

Do you have a love for water that is hard to explain? What about golf? If you love water and you love golf, being a golf ball diver might be the perfect job for you. Some people can spend their day diving or scuba diving in ponds and other water areas picking up golf balls. Not only can you enjoy your time in nature, but you could make up to $200 per day!

5. Boyfriend For Hire

5. Boyfriend For HireDAILYMAIL

In China and Japan, there is a job where women like to pay to rent a boyfriend. This job is a job that pays hourly and the client usually pays for the date and all the expenses that come with it. This job is safe and there is no kissing allowed, but holding hands and hugging is a go. If you think this job is for you, you could make $45 per hour!

6. Princess For Hire

6. Princess For HireXX

What girl has not dreamed of being a Disney princess at some time in their life? With this job, women can sign up to become princesses at Disney and get the chance to dress up, have 40% off all the park food and have free passes. Not only this, the Disney princess can also make up to $30,000 per year on top of it!

7. Netflix Movie Professional

7. Netflix Movie ProfessionalTHEPENNYHOARDER

If you read the title and thought that you might get paid for acting, this is actually completely different! You would not get paid for acting with this career, but you could get paid for watching movies on Netflix. Sitting on the couch and watching television all day might be your bag of tea! If it is, you could make up to $20,000 per year!

8. Personal Dating Coach

8. Personal Dating CoachCLOUDFRONT

If you always love giving advice and you love to help other men and women, maybe even your friends, to figure out their love life, you might be called to the career of dating coach. Not only is this job a high demand job, but people can make a good living at it. This job can pay up to $20,000 per month just teaching women and men how to succeed at dating!

9. Mermaid For Hire


Have you ever dreamed of being a real mermaid? If you go to this job, you can be a mermaid for hire. This job is based around people dressing up and being a mermaid and swim between a half an hour and 45 minutes per show. Those that are interested must dress in their mermaid tail and costume and be ready for people to admire them. This job can pay up to $6,000 per show!

10. Nap Tester


This job is out of this world and is perfect for the tired and even lazy people that just wish that they could get home to take a nap. This job pays people to spend time in bed and to test different things such as bed warmers so that they can help to spread the word about different sleeping products. This job can pay around $20,000 a year. So, if you are tired and just ready to give up on the real world work, look into this new career!

11. Ice Cream Tester, Ben & Jerry’s

11. Ice Cream Tester, Ben & Jerry'sKNOWOVER

Nothing says career like being able to be paid for eating. At Ben & Jerry’s, they pay people to try different kinds of ice cream and desserts. This job is not an easy job to get and there is a lot of eating sugary sweets in order to tell the world about them. Imagine all of the different ice creams that you would have to eat with this career! The good news is, it pays around $40,000 to $200,000 a year!

12. Going Up!

12. Going Up!MACLEANS

Everyone has imagined what it would look like to be under an elevator. If you spend a lot of time thinking about this, being an elevator mechanic might be your dream job. This job pays around $79,000 per year and you don’t need to have any specific schooling in order to work at this career. As a matter of fact, many people in vocational school land these kind of jobs!

13. Food Cart

13. Food CartKCRW

If you are looking to make some good money, being a vendor at a food cart can be a lot of fun and very good for your wallet. Some people can make up to $100,000 per year and especially in cities that are very popular or have big tourist action. This is a job that can earn you a good name and a lot of money!

14. Toy Maker!

14. Toy Maker!UC

If you grew up as a kid and loved making toys, being a toy designer might be the perfect career for you. Do you ever just want to tinkle around with a toy or have a desire to purchase a doll or a car that you see on the shelf? Being a toy creator can give you a good career of around $50,000 per year and it can also make someone’s Christmas by finding the perfect toy!

15. Professional Hacker

15. Professional HackerPYMNTS

If you are great with computers and you have always been interested in being in some kind of security job, being a professional hacker might be right up your alley. Not only do they make around $90,000 per year, they also help to keep things safe so that you can feel safe when you use your credit cards and ATM machines!

16. Pretend Executive

16. Pretend ExecutiveWIXSTATIC

In Atlantic, the job of a pretend executive is called “rent-a-white-guy” and this is where some comopanies rent out a person to dress up like an executive and go around shaking hands with other business people. This can pay you $1,000 per week or even $48,000 per year. You don’t even have to have any business experiences, just a nice suit!

17. Disney Dream Maker

17. Disney Dream MakerALLEARS

Disney is always looking for new ideas. If you decide working for Disney is for you and you find that you are very creative, being an Imagineer, which means “imagination engineer,” might be the best job for you! These people go around the parks and try to find ways to make the park more enjoyable and more dream like. In a way, you could get paid $30,000 to $130,000 per year just to make someone’s dreams come true!

18. Monkey Finder

18. Monkey FinderKINJA-IMG

Some people get crazy jobs but who has ever heard of a monkey finder? In 2014, 40 men were hired in India in order to go and catch monkeys that were bothering the workers of the government. They just had to dress like monkeys and run around. Even though no one is exactly sure what kind of salary you would make, at least you wouldn’t be bored!

19. Surf Board Teacher…for Dogs!

19. Surf Board Teacher...for Dogs!SURFBERBERE

Do you love dogs and love surfing? Being a surfboard instructor for dogs might be the perfect job for you! This job has the benefits of being able to spend the day on the water and getting to spend time with dogs that love the water just as much as you do! This job salary is not known, but nothing does surfboarding like hiring a dog surf board teacher!