Epic Construction Disasters

Most Epic Construction Disasters

No one wants to have a problem when they are doing construction and no one especially wants the whole world to know about it. A crooked road or better yet, a road that goes to nowhere? A bridge that doesn’t match? Upside down windows? A gate that is on the wrong side? You never know what you might see! The problem is that it is hard to not share things that are just so amazing that they either have to be real or they have to be photoshopped! Who really knows? Some of these fails are so great that you will never be able to get them out of your mind. Why not take a few mintues to look at some of the greatest construction fails online! Maybe you will get lucky and see one of your neighbors on here!

1. The Road to Nowhere

1. The Road to NowherePINIMG

It is hard to figure out where to go when you do not know where you are going. It is even harder to figure out which way to go when you cannot figure out where the road is really going. With this amazing picture, you might realize that you are climbing for only one purpose and that is to get to nowhere!

2. Railing Away

2. Railing AwayLIFEBUZZ

If you ever want to get in a door at your house, it is important to make sure that you do not have things blocking it like a pair of shoes, a pile of clothing, an animal…or better yet, a handrail. This door must lead to a place that no one really wants to go!

3. Keep Them Out!

3. Keep Them Out!REDD

If you want to build something to keep someone out, make sure to build a wall that is tall and hard to climb. Better yet, if you want to build something to keep someone out, put up a gate. The best advice that I can give though, is to put something up on the other side of the gate to hide the open space!

4. Stairway to Window

4. Stairway to WindowPINIMG

Making sure that you have a nice home is important and especially if you spend a lot of money moving to where you want to live. If you decide to build a home, have an idea in mind or you might end up with this here. Nothing says home construction like a stairway leading to a window!

5. Detour!

5. Detour!PINIMG

Building a bridge can be a connection to so many places but one thing is important when building a bridge and that is to make sure that it is connected to the other side. It looks like this construction crew ran out of road before they got the bridge finished. I guess it is okay as long as you just want to sight see and not go anywhere!

6. Food This Way!

6. Food This Way!CLOUDFRONT

This restaurant offers a plase to go and eat some food, as long as you are very tall and able to levitate upwards. This door to no one proves that this restaurant not only doesn’t want any customers, but they also don’t want to have a way out either!

7. Road block!

7. Road block!CLOUDFRONT

When you say the words “road block” you might mean a barrier or a door. This construction site here is exactly as it says, “road block” with a bunch of blocks blocking the bike path. At least the bikes are skinny enough to make it around the road block!

8. A Tad Bit Shy!

8. A Tad Bit Shy!PINIMG

“Don’t get the floor wet,” she said. This sink is the perfect sink if you want to fill a bucket, maybe grab a glass of water, but if you are wanting to do dishes or wash your hand in the sink, you are out of luck. Next time try measuring the sink before adding the faucet!

9. Better Safe Than Sorry!

9. Better Safe Than Sorry!STORAGE

This family had the best idea, put a porch one foot off the ground. It might have been a great idea if they had thought about the fact that they built their porch right on top of a railroad track. Let’s hope that this is a railroad track that has been abandoned!

10. An Underground Slide Portal

10. An Underground Slide PortalCLOUDFRONT

Be careful to check all of the playground equipment before you launch your child down a slide, especially a slide that leads to a portal. You never know where your child might end up, especially if at the end of the slide is a hole. Whoever had this idea in mind was looking for a way to free parents from their children!

11. To the Right, Right, Right!

11. To the Right, Right, Right!CLOUDFRONT

Having a crossing walk is important especially in busy cities. It might be important though to make sure that the cross walk actually meets with the road instead of floating into the distance. People aren’t sure if they should cross on the cross walk or cross at the yellow yield signs!

12. If You Build It, They Will Come!

12. If You Build It, They Will Come!EBAUMSWORLD

Nothing is more important than electricity and this town obviously thought it was more important than driving. The pole in the middle of the road shows that there is nothing more inviting than a city that takes their power to another level!

13. Is Something Missing Here?

13. Is Something Missing Here?5GBP

These mysterious stairs showed up somewhere, we just aren’t sure where. These stairs seem to be leading directly into the side of the building. Maybe they are there for looks or maybe they are there as a way to get your exercise when you are bored!

14. Emergency Exit

14. Emergency ExitPINIMG

Hopefully the alarm will ring when exiting this emergency exit so that the people below can be warned of falling bodies. This emergency exit leads to a place that no man wants to visit, especially ones that are hoping to take the stairs!

15. Stuck

15. StuckPINIMG

There is nothing more frustrating than being snowed in your driveway or having a garbage truck parked in your way, until now. This person was gone on vacation when the construction company decided to put in a power pole. Luckily they can still use their grass as a way to get in and out of their home!

16. Unexpected Blockage

16. Unexpected BlockageFJCDN

If those trains are running, get out of the way! Nothing can say disaster like a pole sticking out of the middle of the train track. Hopefully the people that put the pole in know something more than we do, like that the train track is closed down for the season!

17. Stairway to Heaven

17. Stairway to HeavenRANDOMOVERLOAD

This stairway has secrets beyond our wildest imaginations. Walking on this stairway might be more of a surprise than you wanted that morning, especially when you realize that you are not going to make it very far!

18. Manholes Everywhere!

18. Manholes Everywhere!CLOUDFRONT

If you are like other people and you want to miss walking on the manholes for various reasons, you might not want to visit this area. It seems that they needed to have many entrances into the sewage or they just couldn’t decide where to put their main one. Either way, this looks like a disaster waiting to happen!

19. Reach High!

19. Reach High!PINIMG

Getting home after a long day feels like the best thing ever, unless you are this guy! This guy will have to work even harder when he gets home so he can figure out a way to get into his door. Where’s the steps you ask? We asked the same thing!