20 Most Collectible Toys From Your Younger Days!

There are some things in life that only get better with time, wine and cheese are great examples. This theory also applies to antiques and toys. Toys are normally given at Christmas or on birthdays and the excitement for little people is just too much. The paper is torn off and the boxes ripped open. Let’s face, who knows a child who is going to delicately open their gift in order to increase its value in years to come? For there to be any value the toy must be in good condition and often, in its box.

If you were one of the lucky ones and able to establish some level of calm, the preserved gift you spent a few pounds on might be worth a significant amount more now. Reading this might make you wish you had been a bit more careful or make you run to the attic to find that hidden treasure!

1. PEZ Dispensers: Varying Value

PEZ Dispensers

We are pretty sure that everyone had one of these. Originally created in 1955, these little tubes with famous characters on top would release individual sweets. Mickey Mouse, The Loony Tones and Santa are some of the collector’s favorites, but it was Astronaut B that fetched $32,000 on eBay!

2. Wun-dar He-man: Varying Value

Wun-dar He-man

This almost naked, solid built action hero was a marketing strategy from Wonder Bread in the 1990’s. A loaf of bread could have cost about $0.75 back then but this He-Man was given away with the bread. Once again, eBay lines our pocket with prices of up to $500! That will make you look twice at freebie toys!

3. Action Comics No.1: $3.2 Million.

Action Comics No.1

We all know that comics have certain amounts of valve but this much? The reason is its limited number with only 50 in the whole world. It is in perfect condition and this 1938 edition is when readers were first introduced to Superman! It sold at an auction in 2014.

4. The Original Monopoly Game: $146,500

The Original Monopoly Game

Sotheby’s sold this 1933 hand drawn oil cloth version in 2011 for $146,500. Vintage versions from the 1930s have been sold for as much as $3,125. Due to the number of limited editions the game is constantly sold on eBay. Make sure your version has all its pieces before getting excited.

5. Fisher Price’s Push Cart Pete: $3,000

Highly Collectible Fisher Price’s Push Cart Pete

Fisher Price is one of the most famous toy makers in history. Pete was first made in 1936 and measures a small 9 inches. But don’t let that misguide you. The pull toy was sold for $0.50 and in pristine condition can now get $3,000 or more.

6. Original Furby: $900

Original Furby

Love them or hate them, these little creatures were all the rage in the late 90s. If you still have your early edition, interactive toy and never opened the box you could be sitting on around $900.

7. Hot Wheels: Varying Value

The Hot Wheels Collections

Hot Wheels are probably just as popular today as they were back in 1968. The majority of these miniature cars are only worth a few dollars but there are some uncommon cars that may be worth thousands. One example is the 1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb. As so few were made, this toy car is estimated at $125,000.

8. Game Boy: $750 – $1,000

Game Boy 1st Generation

Game Boy was one of the moat recognized devices in the 80s and just like mobiles now, almost every kid had one and could spend hours on it. The first Game Boy was released in 1989 and one of these in perfect condition can fetch hundreds. A special edition, such as the Game Boy Light and you are looking at $1000 and upwards.

9. American Girl “Molly” Doll: $11,000

American Girl “Molly” Doll

Molly, along with Felicity, Samantha and Kristen are no longer produced. She was first released in 1986 and represented the time of the Second World War. If you own a “Molly” with all her accessories you might gain up to $11,000.

10. 1978 Luke Skywalker Action Figure: $25,000

1978 Luke Skywalker Action Figure

This action figure is one of just 20 and is as good as new. If you have anything from Star Wars in a box it might be worth taking a look. When a Japanese designer decided to sell his collection, he walked away from Sotheby’s with half a million dollars!

11. Lionel’s Pennsylvania ‘Trail Blazer’ Train Set: Varying Value

Lionel’s Pennsylvania Train Set

Train sets are another common toy for children and adults (we believe adults don’t call them toys!). Nowadays the set is made with modern technology but if you have one of the originals it might be valued at hundreds.

12. Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls: Varying Value

Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls

The red-haired Cabbage Patch Kid might bring in $100 but the best people to ask would be Pat and Joe Prosey. Their custom-built museum homes over 5,000 dolls. If you wish for 5,000 Cabbage Patch Kids you can buy their collection for a mere $360,000!

13. Peanut Royal Blue Elephant Beanie Baby: $5,000

The Beanie Baby Collection

The intended color of these elephants was a lighter blue but because of a mistake, 2000 royal blue elephants were made. Therefore, these are now the most sought after Beanie Baby reaching prices of $5,000. Humphrey the Camel and the Princess Diana Beanie Baby are also worth a lot, around $2,000.

14. First Edition Barbie: $32,000

First Edition Barbie

Some may say the only and only Barbie is the classic hour-glassed blonde sporting her black and white swimsuit from 1959. Depending on the condition, this version of Barbie could be worth between $8000 and $23,000. Remember, the new editions of Barbie in years to come may also be worth a lot, so look after them.

15. Original Transformers Action Figure: Varying Value

Original Optimus Prime Action Figure

From the adjusting toys to the movies, Transformers has been a familiar brand since 1984. Although not free with your cereal, you could collect points from the package to help towards your mail-order toy. EBay has Optimus Prime figures in mint condition and in the box for sale for $1000 and more.

16. Masters of the Universe Eternia Playset: $1,600

Masters Of The Universe Eternia Playset

Masters of the Universe was a line of action toys with their vehicles and accessories. This edition is a battleground for He-Man and Skeletor. If all is intact, this set could be worth around $1,649.

17. “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, First Edition: $6,500

The Signed Copy Of Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone, J.K.Rowling

Harry Potter might be fairly young collectable items since it was first published in 1998 but since then there have been books, films, toys, clothing, even the wand! In particular the 1st edition by J.K.Rowling, if your copy happens to be signed you are looking at around $15,000. So, again, look after your Harry Potter bits and pieces!

18. Vintage Atari Cartridges: Varying Value

Vintage Atari Cartridges

Many thought that Atari burying hundreds of its games in the New Mexico Desert was a myth but a lucky person, determined for this to be real, found 881 game cartridges in 1983. They were sold collectively for $107,000! Your game could get hundreds on eBay, depending on its rarity and popularity.

19. “Where the Wild Things Are”, First Edition: $25,000

Vintage Copy Of Where The Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak

Books are read, reread, sticky fingers, crayon in hand, it is a miracle if one survives an entire childhood, let alone over 50 decades. Maurice Sendak’s first edition signed book fetched $25,000 in Abebooks.com.
Also look out for first editions of Winnie the Pooh and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory in prime condition.

20. Mario Kart 64: $400

Mario Kart 64 For Nintendo 64

Mario and friends have evolved with technology, but many would prefer the original Mario Kart. The 1992 racing video game sold 8.76 million copies worldwide. While arguing over which character you wanted to be, you would never have thought that this game in the future could collect you between $460 and $675!