20 Unusual Cinder Block Hacks

20 Unusual Ways To Use Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks are an important part of building and can be used to help improve the value of your home. Cinder blocks are perfect for standing on or for putting objects on to sit. These blocks can also be used to build footers so that you can start building your own home or a new room. Cinder blocks can be painted or decorated and be used for all sorts of things. Many people have found DIY videos and ads that can help them to use their leftover cinder blocks to help them save a fortune on home building. Never get rid of your excess cinder blocks before you consider all of the different ways that they can be used. You may find that you can use these blocks to make major home improvements for you or for your neighbor. Below are some great ideas on how to use these cinder blocks to make your home more attractive.

1. Cinder Desk

1. Cinder DeskPINIMG

Who ever thought about using cinder blocks to build a desk? If you decide to do this, make sure that you paint the cinder blocks and give them time to dry before you add your table top. Using cinder blocks can not only save you money, but it can also save you time from having to put together a desk made out of wood. Also, if you are short or tall, you can adjust how many cinder blocks you use to make your desk!

2. Grill It Up!

2. Grill It Up!YTIMG

Anyone who loves to grill will see this as a perfect project! Nothing says summertime like grilling outside and nothing says grilling like adding a few coals to your left over cinder block and making it into a mini grill. One side can be used for charcoal while the other side can be used for wood chips so you can smoke your meat!

3. Landscaping Wall

3. Landscaping WallPINIMG

Keeping your mulch in can be such a pain. With these cinder blocks, you can keep your mulch in and keep the dirt out. Use extra cinder blocks to build a landscaping wall so that you can save money and make sure that all of your dirt stays in while the rocks stay out.

4. Planter

4. PlanterPINIMG

If you are looking to create an interesting planter, using cinder blocks is the perfect idea. These blocks have just the perfect size holes to plant large or small plants. Not only can the plants grow in the sun but they also offer a perfect drainage system because the holes go all the way to the ground. Watch those plants grow!

5. Wine Cooler

5. Wine CoolerPINIMG

If you are looking for a way to show off your wine, look no further. These cinder blocks are perfect to hold your wine bottles and to show them off to your friends. You can build your own kitchen rack or even leaven the cinder blocks in the basement so that the wine can stay cool and look good.

6. Fireplace

6. FireplaceFOLIVER

Cinder blocks can help turn your home into a lighted ambiance. Just add some cinder blocks and some lights and some music and you are all set to go. You can use real candles or buy some on batteries just to make your area look amazing!

7. Outdoor Furniture

7. Outdoor FurniturePISTONCARS

Nothing is more costly than purchasing furniture for your outdoor needs. By using cinder blocks, you can not only make sturdy furniture, but you can also save money. Using cinder blocks can save you a dollar so that you can use that money to purchase a fancy grill instead!

8. Cinder block Bar

8. Cinder block BarPINIMG

If you are looking to entertain, use some cinder blocks and a wood rack to make you an outdoor bar. This bar can help you to be entertained and save you some money in the process. Not only will the bar be sturdy but it can also hold some of your extra stuff like your phone or your beer.

9. Fancy Stools

9. Fancy StoolsPINIMG

Saving money is important for indoor and outdoor entertainment. With this cinder block idea, you can use cinder blocks to make your very own indoor stools. Just throw on some matching cushions and you will have yourself the perfect place to eat and have a snack!

10. Plank Bench

10. Plank BenchREDD

Using cinder blocks and some plank would can help you to create an inviting bench. This bench is nice to look and it is also sturdy. This bench can be raised or lowered depending on how high you want the bench to sit. Just add some extra cinder blocks to make it taller.

11. Shelving

11. ShelvingBOBVILA

Cinder blocks can be used to make furniture, build homes and even make you some extra storage shelves. With this fantastic idea, all of your shelving needs can be met. Just bring this shelf inside or outside and show off all of your knick knacks or just use it as a plant holder.

12. Show Off

12. Show OffLOWES

If you want to be a show off, grab you some cinder blocks and make you a place to show off all of your beautiful flowers. Instead of just piling flowers on the countertop, use the cinder blocks to add some excitement to your area. These cinder blocks can be filled with the flowers of your choice.

13. Cozy Couch


This couch may not be as cozy as you would like, but it does give you added storage. Just stacking some cinder blocks together can help you to create a couch that even the neighbors will love. If you add cinder blocks to the ends, you can even have a special place to rest your arms after a hard day of work!

14. Outdoor Entertainment

14. Outdoor EntertainmentBWNCY

These cinder block ideas are amazing! This creative area was made by making different cinder block benches and painting them different colors. The color contrasts are perfect with the middle grill and will be even better when that fire gets started!

15. Precious Planters

15. Precious PlantersHAMILTONMEDIAARTS

When you have a green thumb, you can’t help but to use it to make your area more beautiful. By stacking the cinder blocks, you can use them to plant your flowers and to make your landscape more inviting. Just adding a few extra stones can help to make the cinder blocks look fancier.

16. Outdoor Cooker

16. Outdoor CookerTASADOR

These cinder blocks have been made to create an outdoor oven. The way that the grills are facing can help you to get the space that you need in the right direction so that you can cook and entertain outdoors. You can even use more blocks to help give you extra storage space for all of your cooking utensils.

17. Patio Table


Not only can you save a lot of money by using cinder blocks, you can also make the area look amazing. This person used their cinder blocks to create a table that is worth dining on! Nothing says eating like having the outdoor look and the comfort. Save time and money by using cinder blocks to make your table needs perfect!

18. Fun Futon


Teenagers especially love the idea of having a couch or futon in their room but they can be quite costly. By using cinder blocks, this person found the perfect way to make a couch or a futon without spending a pretty penny. By adding the colorful cushions and pillows, this area is perfect for any teenager.

19. Gardening


These cinder blocks make the perfect gardening area. Put some of your extra cinder blocks together and add any type of plant that you want. Not only will this show off your garden but it will help all of the excess water to drain. The can even be used inside if you want to do an indoor garden!