Top 5 Tea Commercials

Tea is one of the many simple pleasures of life. It might be difficult to pinpoint some of the flavors that certain teas give off. In fact, how would you describe tea? Imagine never having had it before. How would someone describe tea in a way that effectively conveys its unique taste. To even begin to describe tea is a feat in itself. That’s what makes these top tea commercials the top 5 tea commercials. It isn’t an easy task to describe tea– now, imagine selling it.

Below are our picks for the top tea commercials. Feel free to think about all the tea commercials you’ve seen thus far. Are any on this list?

1. Thomas Twining Soothes Tummies with New Tea

This is one of those commercials that seems far longer than they actually are. At only 30 seconds, we are able to see a comedic mini-film about the creation of Twining’s tea for tummy aches. What’s magical about this top tea commercial is the costumes; the fashion alone must have made this commercial more expensive than one might initially think.
The commercial has Victorian aesthetic and brings hilarity over something not terribly funny: the plague. Twining announces happily that he will create a tea to soothe tummies. Someone clearly ill asks about the plague– can it be helped by this tea? This commercial is deemed as one of our top tea commercials because it is both funny and oddly relatable. Plus, those costumes are wonderful in their own rite.

2. TAZO | Brew the Unexpected: Tea in Bed

Is it just us, or are commercials getting shorter and shorter? At only 15 seconds, this short commercial definitely earned its place in our hearts for top tea commercials of our time. The commercial revolves around earthy, orange hues. This is seen in many elements of the commercial. TAZO is advertising their wild sweet orange tea, though this is clearly an ad for the brand itself. The commercial is both funny and a delight on the eyes.
Another reason this is one of our choices for top tea commercials is that it is an enjoyable amount of silly. The girl wakes up at a campsite and is being delivered tea. We can see that they are in the outdoors, though it is unclear immediately what the setting actually is. When the word “wild” is mentioned, we see that the wild is actually a large, outdoor party. This commercial is funny and memorable.

3. Lipton Tea Factory Commercial

This is a very memorable commercial. This makes our list as one of the top tea commercials because it is both aesthetically pleasing and informative. Lipton made this advertisement to show us where their tea comes from. It focuses on the home and things that really matter. It also seeks to make us more educated.
Do you know how long tea leaves sit in the sun before they are picked for peak freshness? 4,000 hours sounds like a long time but now we know. This is easily one of our top tea commercials because it places more focus on home and educating the buyer, rather than humor, which is so prevalent in commercials. Humor is a great thing, of course, but this commercial is a nice change of pace for other advertisements on our list.

4. Tetley Super Teas – Not Your Average Cup of Tea

This tea commercial speaks for itself when regarded as one of our choices for top tea commercials. While we have come so far for equal rights for women, there seems to be an element in our culture that regards women as not as capable. This perception inequality affects many every day. This commercial looks at these poor perceptions and attempts to shatter this flawed ideology. It shows many women in their natural element, while also conquering difficult struggles.

5. Where Everything’s Done Proper: Sean Bean

Ah, corporate life. How enjoyable to make fun of it! Some say that the only thing that helps them get through the work day is tea. That’s what makes this one of the most relatable top tea commercials. We see a manager of some sort speak motivationally about the Yorkshire brand. It ends with a humorous note acknowledging that those who work at the company are essentially only working for the company’s own good. With a familiar face and a funny and relatable plot, this commercial clearly belongs in our top spot of top tea commercials.

These commercials definitely speak for themselves in being regarded as some of the top tea commercials of our current time. Which one stuck out to you the most? Was it the wardrobe from the Victorian era that left a mark in your mind? Or was it the “wild” that has you wild? Whatever your preference for top tea commercials is, we are certain you understand why these made our top 5.

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